Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Father's Day Brainstorming


Matt's first Father's Day is coming up. Well, we technically celebrated it last year, too, since I was pregnant at the time. I bought myself some lingerie (as a present to him) to say, "We're still going to have a good relationship, despite the added stress of a baby!"

I'd really like to give him something or to do something that comes from Henry (as much as possible, given the fact that Henry is only three months old). Is there something that I could help Henry make for his dad?

Hmmm...I was recently enamored with all of the colorful images of their daughter that John and Sherry put together over at Young House Love. I wonder if I could put a lot of smiling Henry pictures together to make something for Matt. Like a bumper sticker for his computer or for his water bottle? Perhaps I should search Snapfish to see what kind of photo products they are offering these days...

Ooh! Maybe a photo skin, since he's obsessed with technology. Perhaps I could get him one for his phone. It would have to be the perfect photo in order for him to actually want to use it. Perhaps something of Henry and Hoss--his two sons. I don't even know what kind of phone he has (he just got a new one through work). Let me sneak into the other room and see if I can figure it out...okay, it's an HTC Arrive.

Now to just take the perfect photo of the two H's!

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Redfrizzz said...

plaster hand/foot print castings are classic mother/father's day gifts. My parents still have mine and all my sister's!

Moxie said...

Browsing Pinterest (thanks to other recent commenters for linking the site), I thought of you when I saw this: This would be a cute present!

lindel said...

I had big plans for my man's first father's day. In the end fatigue and poor organisation meant all I could muster was some hand and foot prints in a bright blue paint. It was really easy and it actually turned out pretty well after I mounted it on some fun patterned paper and framed it. He loved it! I am sure you have all the materials at home as well.

Kelsey said...

Sara, that photo is so beautiful!

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