Thursday, June 2, 2011

New Wallet!

Image courtesy of Komono Art

So a long time ago--like, December of 2009--I read this post over at Superhero Journal. Andrea's quote really resonated with me:
"Someone told me once that if you want to draw a certain kind of abundance into your life, the type of wallet you carry is really important. At the time my wallet was used (by someone other than me first!) threadbare, and almost falling apart. As my friend would say, poverty wallet alert! Which I guess is like having bad feng shui of the wallet."

At the time, I loved my handmade wallet (from a laminated map and a Loteria game from the Dollar Store), but it was definitely not going to draw any abundance into my life, primarily because it was simply so old and breaking down. By that point, it had to have been at least three years old.

Flash forward to May 2011. I still have the same wallet.

Oy vey!

To my credit (pun acknowledged), I did try to rectify the situation by buying an adorable wallet off Etsy. But the wallet never came. And I e-mailed the seller and I e-mailed the seller again. And then I had to file a complaint. And then Etsy had to contact the seller. And then I e-mailed some more. Finally, Etsy had to shut down her site. Yikes!

So I never got a new wallet.

Here I am again, trying to proactively fix my wallet situation. I found another great maker on Etsy. Now I'm just waiting for my new wallet to come. Hooray! I could definitely use a little more financial abundance in my life (12 weeks of unpaid maternity leave is a bit rough), but really I'm looking for a different kind of abundance. A kind of confidence. A kind of professionalism.

I'm excited!

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Anonymous said...

Sigh... Now I have a justification for my obsession with wallets :)

Victoria said...

I hate when I hear stories about people on etsy doing stuff like that. It just makes it harder for those of us that have etsy shops.

Thank you for not giving up on etsy! Also, your wallet looks beautiful.

sarah said...

I have totally been meaning to get a new wallet (and purse) and this etsy shop looks amazing! thanks for posting, i love buying handmade and I think i'll be ordering today!


Kelsey said...

I think that Suze Orman would really agree with that outlook!

mama mia said...

the cuteness factor of that new wallet is very high! Hope some financial abundance arrives to match the abundant spirit I always read on this blog :)

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