Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Friends in Austin?

Henry (left) and his friends, via Ben Becker

I'm a little freaked out (or maybe a lot?) about moving to Austin and leaving behind all of our friends. I moved to Houston in 2003, and have been building friendships ever since (minus the year I spent traveling during my self-subsidized sabbatical and the year we spent living in Denver so we could attend Montessori training).

And, to top it all off, I'll be leaving behind the group of women I met during prenatal yoga. We meet monthly for brunch, we started a babysitting co-op, and I get together with two of the women for weekly play dates.

Of course my go-to strategy for alleviating anxiety is to make a plan.

So here's my plan for building a support network in Austin:
  1. Join the Austin Mamas list-serv (done!)
  2. Sign up for some sort of Mom + Me classes with Henry
  3. Attend a Unitarian church
  4. E-mail everyone we know to ask for friends-of-friends' contacts
  5. Plan once-a-month parties and just start inviting people we meet
  6. Sign up for craft classes

In my attempt to connect with friends of friends, I'm putting this request out into the universe. Do you live in Austin? Are you interested in meeting up? Or do you have friends in Austin with whom I might be kindred spirits?

Now I feel like I'm online dating again (which, by the way, did not work out too well for me in my early twenties). So in that vein, I might as well share a little about Matt and me:

Hobbies: Playing board games, cooking with friends, going to farmers' markets, hiking, doing random things like going to parades or drive-in movies, crafting, watching movies, cooking S'mores, swimming, talking about how to make the world better

Would Like to Learn More About: Gardening, permaculture, home improvement, how to get a baby to sleep through the night

Let me know if you know anyone! My e-mail address is saracotner {@} yahoo.com.

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AZ said...

Hi Sara! Facebook tells me I have a few friends who live in Austin, and although they're not necessarily people I know well enough to connect you with directly, two of them are involved with cool artistic ventures that you might find interesting. One of my oldest family friends is a musician: www.joesundell.com, who plays around Austin and the south. Another friend from camp directs a program called The Exchange Artists, www.exchangeartists.org, which is an unconventional theatre group that sounds really cool. I'll keep my eyes out for others... Good luck! Wish I were there to be friends with you guys.

Katie said...

Hi Sara, I live in Austin and love it here! And have many similar interests. I have sent you and email with more detail. I would be happy to your friend in Austin!

- Katie

Jessica said...

I don't have any kids, but I love reading this blog! I found your wedding blog to be really inspiring and it heavily influenced my own wedding choices so I couldn't help but float over to this blog.

Too bad I don't live in Austin. We sound like we have a lot of common interests!

Good luck with your move.

Anthropolochic said...


I've been following both your blogs for years (found while planning my own low cost wedding). Like Jessica above, we have a lot of common interests but I don't live in Austin.

I am writing because I'm going through the same anxiety. I moved to New York in 2003. We just got married, we are starting a family and now we have to leave so I can pursue my career. It's hard to leave the place I've lived in for much of my adult life. We have a tight group of friends that we have to leave behind. Every other place seems really strange. We will likely never be able to move back - it is tough.

Anyway - just a note to say I'm very sympathetic. I too am asking friends of friends of friends for potential buddies in new cities. I'm also contacting people with similar academic interests to chat collaborations (I'm up for two academic jobs). Focusing on the work is actually helping me get over some of my more inane complaints about leaving (i.e. buying a car, not living stacked on top of other people, empty streets, mall-based shopping - I realize these sound like strange complaints. I've gotten used to small apartments and walking everywhere).

I know a few really great people in Austin. I'll mention your site and friend search to them.

Best - hang in there,


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