Monday, July 25, 2011

Our Vacation Recap in Pictures (and a Few Words)

A breast-feeding stop on the way from Taos, NM to Denver, CO. Sadly, we spent a whole weekend at our friend's awesome wedding in Taos and didn't manage to take a picture with our big camera.

Henry visiting with the owners of Sunshine Mountain Lodge outside of Estes Park. This was the reception site for our wedding three years ago. Again, we neglected to take photos of our pit-stop in Denver to see old friends and to check out their "new" house from 1895.

They made us delicious raw breakfast every day. I'm inspired to eat healthier breakfasts! Can you tell that Henry is eager to try solids?

We went back to the lake spot where we tied the knot.

Henry wrestled a blanket.

And won.

He also mastered sucking on his toes, reaching for and pulling water glasses to his mouth, and kind of sitting up for short periods of time.

After an overnight visit with our friend in Broomfield (thanks for the vegan food, Kim!) and another overnight visit with our friend and her daughter in Longmont, we headed to the mountains of Breckenridge to meet up with Matt's dad (featured above), mom, and two brothers (Mike's in Austin and John is in San Francisco).

Henry had a ball--literally and figuratively--with his grandparents and uncles. (It kind of looks like he's storing some of those balls in his cheeks...) And Matt and I got a much-needed break!

And one of the highlights of the trip was meeting one of you! Thank you Meghan and Andrew for hosting us at your lovely, lovely home in Santa Fe for an evening of great food and company!

I'm already scheming up vacation ideas for next year. I'm really stuck on the idea of going to Kauai...

As always, let me know if you have any questions about specific things that you want me to answer. It's hard to know what's interesting to other people!

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andee said...

We went to Kauai in January this year. It was AMAZING. Just rediculously mind blowing. It is much more natural and unsettled compared to the other islands. There were tourists everywhere we went but not near as bad as the other islands. I really think you guys would enjoy it.

Carrie said...

I believe I voted on Kauai as your honeymoon destination. :) It was ours (and the Big Island). It would be quite an adventure with a 1-year-old, I think--especially the brutally long flight (although not as long as from Maine). All we did was hike, lie on the beach a little bit, and snorkel. So I guess just think about whether the things you really want to do there would be fun with a really young child. Many of the good hikes would be way too long for a backpacked child, IMO.

We went to Jamaica this past January when S was almost 2, and all we managed to do was supervise a ton of pool and sand digging time, and I wouldn't call it "relaxing". Not much is relaxing these days!:-)

Casandra said...

We went to Jamaica earlier this summer for our belated honeymoon. I highly recommend Treasure Beach and Jake's Hotel for a very untouristy and relaxing vacation. We saw several families at the resort with toddlers. You can see our photos on flickr

Sara E. Cotner said...

@ Carrie: I remember your recommendation!

Maybe we will rethink Kauai. Then again, our plan is to go with two other families. That way, we can swap babysitting duties and every three days Matt and I could go off together and leave Henry with the families to swim in the ocean and the pool.

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