Thursday, August 18, 2011

Best Spaghetti Ever

Image courtesy of Bon Appetit

I said I don't like superlatives (like "best ever" chocolate chip cookies), but here I am again with another "best ever" recipe.

My friend, Allison, is preparing for a three-month journey around the world with her partner Jason before they start trying to build their family, so she needed to stay with us for a few days while working on her visa situation.

We sort of have a tradition with Allison. Whenever she stays over, she always cooks us a delicious meal. This time, she cooked a spaghetti recipe from Bon Appetit.

You know when you make spaghetti at home the sauce always globs together? But at a restaurant the sauce is evenly distributed and coats every noodle?

Well, this recipe has the secret (hint: you stop boiling the pasta two minutes early and then finish cooking it in the boiling sauce with a 1/2 cup of the starchy water).

It's not too difficult. It doesn't require too many ingredients. The leftovers are great. And it will make your whole home smell delicious.

I recommend using fettuccine noodles for a nice, thick pasta.


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Allison.elkoubi said...

So it's a bit of a toss up of what made my day: visiting the Hermitage (one of the best museums in the world, if not THE best museum - in the tsar's former palace) in St. Petersburg or seeing that I made it into your blog...the Hermitage might have been slightly more impressive but seeing you share the secret to make great pasta was definitely a highlight!

Kelsey said...

yum! I have been looking for a go-to speghetti sauce! And this looks pretty easy. My mom always put cinnamon in her sauce and so I love that flavor, I might add a little to this recipe.

Sara E. Cotner said...

Allison! I can't believe you made a cameo appearance while traveling in R-U-S-S-I-A! I'm honored!

While I have you here, please tell. Did you add extra butter to the pasta you made for us? Of course ours didn't taste as good as when you made it, and I'm trying to put my finger on why.

Happy trails!

allison.elkoubi said...

Greetings from Santorini! This is perhaps one of the most beautiful places I have ever been...and the food is spectacular (and vegetarian friendly! 4 of the dishes we order for lunch were veggie and SO delicious)

No, I did not add any extra butter. I am pretty sure I followed the recipe exactly as written. Did you use pecorino cheese? It's stronger than parmesan. That's the cheese I brought from home. I think I used both types of cheeses and probably increased the amount of cheese, now think about it.

I love the new header by the way! I was tempted to submit something...but I think I am a better appreciator than creator of graphic design.

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