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Rainbow Brite

A Picnic


A kindred spirit joined the Feeding the Soil community and started talking about her plans for a homemade Christmas. I loved the post very much (and was inspired by her ideas), but it made me realize, "Eek! I need to get the planning ball rolling for Halloween and Thanksgiving before I can start thinking about Christmas."

Last year, I was pregnant at this time and actively trying to keep my stress at bay. I started thinking about Halloween in August and Christmas in October, as a way to spread out my planning and work, since Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas come so close together.

This year, it wasn't even on my radar until Katharina mentioned it. I suppose I should record it in my calendar every year, so I don't forget to plan ahead.

So, Halloween talk it is!

I was all set to make a costume I've been thinking about for years: Twister! I was going to make a dress out of the plastic sheet that comes with the game and somehow turn the spinner into a hat. And then I did a quick google search and realized that Walmart sells a Twister Halloween costume for a mere $23. I can't stomach the thought of buying my Halloween costume from Walmart, nor can I stomach the thought of painstakingly making something that I could buy for $23.

So, no Twister costume for me.

I started brainstorming other everyday objects that could be sewn into dresses, and I remembered another costume I always wanted to make: a birthday party. You take a children's party tablecloth and sew it into a dress. Then you stick on napkins, cups, etc. and wear a birthday hat on your head (you can also just poke a hole in the tablecloth and wear it like a poncho if you don't want to make a dress).

While I was thinking about that idea, another idea hit me: I could turn our shower curtain into a dress, add cowboy boots and a cowboy hat, wear space shuttle or oil refinery earrings and be the state of Texas. Ye-haw! I think I'm going to go that route.

As for Henry, Matt wants to be the SNL version of Mr. Peepers and he wants Henry to be a mini-Mr. Peepers. I would prefer to dress Henry up like something he enjoys, such as Sophie the Giraffe (thanks, Valerie!) or Hoss.

I actually had a knitter develop a pattern from a picture of Hoss, so I could knit a little bloodhound hat for Henry. However, I'm simply not skilled enough with my knitting to follow the pattern. Are there any knitters out there who would be interested in knitting Henry a Hoss hat in exchange for a spot in the Purposeful Conception course or for free advertising on Feeding the Soil? I could ship the yarn to you. Just let me know!

What are you going to be for Halloween this year?

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Rachel said...

This made me laugh! I have gone as a picnic and as a birthday party (quite a few years ago). I'm not sure what I'll go as this year. I will have to ask my kids for some suggestions - I'm sure they'll have some ideas!

Allison Campbell said...

that's awesome! Can you please dress Henry as Hoss?? And Hoss as Henry! That would be hilarious :)

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