Sunday, August 21, 2011

Header Redesign Contest Winner---Squeel!

I want to thank (from the very bottom of my heart--would that be my right ventricle?) the two amazing designers who took the time and energy to enter the first ever Feeding the Soil header redesign contest. Both Sebrina and Olivia are super-talented, friendly, responsive, creative women, and I am so honored and flattered that they entered my little contest.

I felt bad after I learned that the design community frowns upon contests. Fortunately, Sebrina and Olivia each had their eye on a different prize, so I was able to reward them both for their effort. Additionally, while the winner gets free advertising as long as I'm using her header, the runner-up gets a free month of advertising as well.

So, without further ado, I would like to commend Sebrina for submitting the winning design!

Thank you, Sebrina, for applying your vision, creativity, aesthetic-sense, and time to crafting the perfect header for this blog! I'll be updating it very soon.

You can check out Sebrina's other work any time by clicking on her advertisement in the sidebar: Mismikado Creations.

Olivia is taking a rain check on her month of free advertising because her plate is full right now, but definitely feel free to take a sneak peak at her awesome work over at Olivia Ink Design.

And thank you to everyone in the Feeding the Soil community who made me feel like I might be able to barter for a new header. Your support expands my sense of what's possible. For that, I owe you big!

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Anonymous said...

When is the new header going to be revealed? Can't wait!

Mismikado said...

Thank you so much for the opportunity to design your new header, Sara! :)

Kelly said...

It is so gorgeous! It actually took my breath away!

Kelsey said...

Love the header, your website looks beautiful. Great job Sebrina!

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