Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Making Our Home Child-Friendly

Henry - Crawling? from SaraMattHossHop-singClemHenry on Vimeo.

Whoa, Nelly! Henry is essentially crawling!

I say "essentially" because--as you can see from the video--he's not officially crawling. But he is certainly able to get himself from Point A to Point B in a pretty quick fashion.

It's time to make sure our house is completely child-friendly. I like that phrase better than "child-proof." We want our house to be a welcoming place for every family member (except the chickens are not welcome unless they opt to wear diapers, which they would hate!).

We didn't do this earlier because we honestly thought we would be living in a new house by the time Henry could crawl.

Since we'll hopefully be in a new house by October, I don't need to make it perfect. Henry gets lots of supervision.

Here's what I'm thinking I need to do:
  • Put outlet covers in all the plugs
  • Get rid of the lamp on the desk in his room. He's very fascinated by the cord.
  • Remove some of the baskets in his shelf and replace them with trays that hold his toys. He can crawl to them on his own now, which will honor his need for independence!
  • Vacuum much more frequently to make sure we're not leaving anything little on the floor that Henry could choke on.
  • Keep our house very de-cluttered and clean in general.

I feel like that should do it for the crawling stage. He won't have the opportunity to get into cabinets right now.

What do you think? What am I missing?

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Mindy said...

Congrats to henry on his accomplishment!

I just love babies and their pet friends, it is so sweet. It really looks like (as you've said before) that Henry LOVES Hoss!

Rachel said...

I love how when Henry reached Hoss, the look on Hoss's face was pretty much, "whoa! How did he get here??" Priceless!!!

Michele said...

Go Henry!

And a happy half-birthday to you, Bobo.

Carrie said...

Sounds like you have the basics covered! Cords are huge attractions, like you said, so try to hide others in the house, too.

Ellen said...

I'm not a babyproofing expert -- but the image of the chicken in diapers REALLY cracked me up. Is this a legitimate option?! Thanks for being funny!

Anonymous said...

A good tip I've heard is to use a toilet paper tube and anything that can fit through it is a choking hazard. Also watch the blind cords, you should cut any that are looping or connected together at the bottom, a strangulation hazard.

Sara E. Cotner said...

Hi, Ellen! That was no joke. Google it! Here's one site for you:


Hi, Michele! Happiest Birthday to you! It's so good to see you around these parts again!

Hi, Carrie! Good point! Luckily, I'm kind of a cord hater in general, so I like to hide them whenever possible. I'll double-check to make sure though.

Marina said...

This is off topic, but may I ask where you found the butterfly mobile that's in one of your other videos? It's beautiful!

Sara E. Cotner said...

Hi, Marina! Off-topic questions/comments are always welcome. I got it from the Michael Olaf company, which is my favorite place to get Montessori infant materials. Here's the link:


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