Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Seven Months: Happy Birthday, Henry!

My, oh, my, you're getting so big!

This month as been more of the same. You move around the house really fast, although now you've started getting up on all fours a lot more. You usually take 4-8 steps that way and then lower yourself back into the army crawl position to get where you're going faster. You also push up into "down dog" a lot.

You've moved from pulling up on low things independently to pulling up on virtually anything, like couches, bookshelves, etc. Currently, you're favorite thing to pull up on is me (I'm honored!). You still have trouble getting down from a standing position, but you've started falling into a seated position, which is a big improvement.

Your laugh is contagious. You are very ticklish on your neck, armpits, and abdomen. You love, love, love to blow raspberries on our skin, preferably my shoulder (or the side of the bathtub). You are still obsessed with Hoss, and we plan to dress you up like him for Halloween to honor your infatuation with him. You continue to love nature.

Your new hobby is screaming at the top of your lungs. You mainly scream for fun, but you also scream to let us know that you want us to feed you faster. You've eaten so many new things, and you love them all. You even ate a four-inch piece of seersucker fabric. Sorry about that one...

Another one of your new hobbies is crawling around the floor looking for crumbs and other sundry things to pick up with your three-finger pincer grasp. Even though we vacuum the house every day (since we're trying to sell it), you still manage to find stuff. You get lots of practice eating Cheerios.

I seemed to have stopped calling you "Piglet" and started calling you "Buddy."

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kerstin said...

he's looking more like matt! what a handsome boy :)

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