Monday, November 28, 2011

DIY: Winter Baby Shirts!

A couple weeks ago, I was brainstorming ideas about how to use freezer paper as a stencil for Henry's shirts. During the process, I decided to order the pdf version of this pattern to make some winter shirts for Henry. As a side note, I highly recommend buying pdf versions of patterns and printing them on your own computer. Although it's more work to piece and tape the pattern together when it doesn't fit on standard paper, it's so much easier to work with real paper as opposed to tissue paper. Also, you can print out as many patterns as you want, which means you can print and use all the different sizes as your child grows.

I had some great organic jersey knit fabric from Spoonflower left over from a baby shower gift, so I went to a thrift store to by some coordinating fabric (in the form of XL men's t-shirts).

My last difficult experience with trying to follow a pattern was fresh in my mind, so I decided to be proactive by scheduling a craft date with my friend, Lene. She is MUCH better at reading patterns (i.e., she can do it; I can't).

Despite her help, I still struggled with the first shirt (the navy blue + gray one). I followed the pattern and put the seams on the outside. However, the second shirt came together much more quickly and easily. For that one, I decided to put the seams on the inside, which is a style I prefer.

In the end, I didn't get around to making the freezer paper stencils. I like the shirts the way they are. I look forward to going back to the thrift store to pick up some more "fabric" and make more shirts for Henry's winter wardrobe!

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Kelly said...

So cute! I'm impressed!
I have that same fabric favorited on Spoonflower and it looks great as a shirt!

Ella Ava said...
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Ella Ava said...

For The winter use i only use thick and smooth fabric material outfit... and its should be good for the babies skin...

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