Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Slipper Renovation

Images courtesy of Felting by Grazim

I've been coveting these slippers on Etsy for a while now. Since I can't justify the price tag while we're in Penny Pinching Mode, I thought about adding them to my Christmas wishlist.

But then, while doing an errand at Walgreens, I stumbled across a pair of slippers in the $1 bin. In general, I try to steer clear of those kinds of cheap products because they aren't really cheap at all (they take a huge toll on the environment, workers, etc.). But sometimes I compromise those values in favor of my values related to saving money.

I scooped up that pair of $1 slippers (even though it was the middle of the summer!) and set them aside for a little reworking when I had the time.

Now that the temperatures are cooling down, deep in the heart of Texas, I find myself actually wearing them. I desperately need to upgrade the pom-pom balls for something more stylish, like felt flowers.

The Etsy slipper shop featured above actually sells PDFs about how to make felt flowers or even how to make the slippers! I'm a little sad that I'm feeling too stretched thin to undertake that kind of project. But I have to be honest with myself about how I'm feeling and honor my lack of desire to undertake such a big project right now.

So really I'm looking for simpler inspiration about how to make felt flowers to replace the pom-poms on my $1 slippers.

I could make something really simple like these felt flower pins I used to make.

Or I could just try to replicate the flowers on the top pair of slippers.

Regardless, I need to schedule a craft date with my friend, Lene, pronto. It's the only thing that keeps me accountable to getting any crafting done these days!

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E. said...

I keep seeing the felt flower tutorials over at How Joyful and wanting to make them, although I haven't yet, but they look like the perfect thing for your slippers.

Aimee said...

These may be a bit more complex than what you are after, but it seems like you can simplify them a bit or add on a felt flower, etc. etc.

I also found these, which seem to be much simpler and a good jumping off point for your own detail work:

Hope it helps!

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