Thursday, December 15, 2011

Vacation! (Or Putting This Blog to Sleep for a Short Nap)

Actually, that's a misnomer. It will feel like I'm vacation to those of you who frequent this here blog, but I'm actually going to be too busy to post. My book deadline (about how to plan a meaningful and memorable wedding without losing your savings or sanity) is January 1. Although I wrote 55,000+ words a couple years ago while I was looking for an agent, I still have to devote massive time and energy toward finishing the last 10,000 words and revising and reorganizing the whole thing.

Plus, we'll be traveling to see both families this year. We'll drive to Florida to see my family (in the Tampa and Orlando/DeLand area) and then fly to Indiana (Bloomington area) to see Matt's family.

I will try to pop in here and there to say hello and share interesting ideas, but I can't make any promises!

I do know that I'll be filling out my New Year's Reflection Form to reflect on the past year and set my intentions for the upcoming year.

I hope your next couple weeks are filled with joy, connection, rest, rejuvenation, and delicious food! I feel so thankful to have this community and this space in my life. Thank you for being here!

Be well,

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My Crazy Hectic Sometimes Eclectic Life said...

I'm surprised you're just now taking a break. I took one when my son was born for two months. Go, enjoy!

Sara E. Cotner said...

Hi, MCHSEL! I definitely took a break when Henry was born. I wrote a bunch of posts in advance and auto-published them. I can't remember how long I was gone. It was a good while!

Sarah said...

GOOD LUCK WITH THE BOOK!!! Hope it goes well!

mama mia said...

Hi Sarah,
glad to know you get to travel to see family and hoping you have a great trip....also glad to know the book deal is still going on! thinking of you as I prepare to attend Amy's graduation (MBA) from U. of Iowa this evening. Best wishes to you and yours,

Meghan said...

Have a great vacation, Sara! Hope you have safe travels and happy holidays. Best wishes for 2012!!

Carrie said...

I love the New Year's Reflection Form. I do this every year too but in a much more informal and loose way. I think your form will definitely help to focus my reflection, but I will continue to keep my reflections in a looser format. Too much structure would not allow for my mind to flow in creative ways to reflect and dream ahead. Blessings for a wonderful holiday and finishing your book!

Sherry said...

Glad to hear it; you haven't sounded very happy for a long time : (

Sara E. Cotner said...

Hi, Sherry! I'm sorry to hear that I haven't sounded happy in a long time. I'm not sure what's leading you to feel that way, so I can't tell if I'm misrepresenting my life and making myself sound unhappier than I am or if I'm not aware of my unhappiness and it's slipping out through my writing. I've definitely had a challenging year adjusting to my new identity as a mother, but, overall, I feel immense gratitude for the way my life is unfolding, and I am overwhelmed with optimism about where we're going and what we're doing as a family. Please keep chiming in with your thoughts, and I will continue to reflect on my feelings. Thanks!

Sherry said...

I'm glad to hear it. It's just a feeling I get when I compare my experience with reading your posts this year than from last year.

You are such a lovely person and I wish you and your family well with your impending move and following your dreams : )

Bethany H. said...

Coincidentally, I was born and raised (until I was 18) just south of the Tampa area (Ft. Myers, to be specific) and I now live just south of Bloomington! (Corydon, Indiana, about 30-ish miles west of Louisville, KY)
Anyway, just thought I'd share. :)

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