Thursday, January 12, 2012

10 Months: Happy Birthday, Henry!

Oh, dearest Henry, what shall I share about you this month?

Everyone you come into contact with exclaims, "He's such a happy baby!" And your relatives call you a "sweet, sweet" boy.

I think your number one favorite thing is food. You can't get enough of it! Your second favorite thing is dogs. They always bring a smile to your face, especially when they lick you in the face. Your third favorite thing is probably stairs. You love to climb higher and higher. You also know how to climb down stairs, although that process is much harder. First you test out the distance with your arm. When you sense that it's too far down, you turn around and let your feet hit first. You learned this from getting off our bed every morning. You also know how to get off of couches. It's adorable!

You still don't seem close to walking yet, even though you've been pulling up on everything and anything for months now. You do let go and reach for things, but only very small distances.

You have so many teeth! Your two on the bottom came first, then your two fangs, and finally your top middle teeth. But you hate showing them to anyone. I try to sneak peaks at them when you're laughing. When I try to feed you hummus off a chip, you bite the chip.

You like to give high-fives, and you crash your face into mine if I ask you for a kiss. You love to play hide-and-seek.

You are still an amazing sleeper. You pretty much sleep from 7:30pm-7am. You go to sleep all by yourself at night. Now that you're only taking two naps a day, you also go down for naps by yourself. We are very thankful!

Your favorite toys are cords. Oh, I almost forgot that we started to go to playgrounds this month! You still put stuff in your mouth, but it's not as constant as it was for the first nine months of your life. You like to crawl around in the mulch, pull yourself up on stuff, climb stairs, swing, and watch the other kids (you are very observant and curious and love to watch the world around you).

Thank you for being the sweet boy that you are.

All our love...

P.S. During this month's photo shoot you wanted to turn the flag every which way and look at it from different angles.

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Laura said...

Happy 10 months, Henry! You sound like a ton of fun.

Can I ask kind of a dumb parenting question? When your baby starts sleeping through the night, do they just wake up with a really dirty diaper? Do you wake them up to change it? (Please say no to that one! :) ) My two-month old is starting to sleep for longer stretches, but after five or six hours in the same diaper, she's soaked through and it can't be good for her skin. What do other people do? Thanks in advance!

Anonymous said...

That's so funny! Fangs are great. Cora grew her fangs first too. Everyone thought it was so unusual. My Mom said that's how my teeth came in when I was a baby.

Sara E. Cotner said...

Hi, Laura! Your question isn't dumb at all!

Henry sleeps 12 hours without waking. We use cloth during the day and disposables at night to try and wick the urine away from his skin (we use BumGenius all-in-one cloth diapers, so the urine stays right on his skin). They make special disposables that are extra-absorbent for the night.

With that said, I also have to say that Henry has a terrible diaper rash that I can't seem to get rid of. He sleeps on his stomach all night long, so that may make it worse.

Are you a member of the Feeding the Soil community? That would be the perfect question to post to the group!

Kylie D'Alton said...

I figure a happy baby is a content baby, it means his needs are being met! I think you have motherhood all worked out.

Carrie said...

@Laura: Try Huggies Overnights, and if they don't work, buy one size up of them from your baby's normal size. My sons always soaked through every daytime diaper at night, but that brand and kind worked for the older one and works for the 9 month old. Yes, the baby wakes up with a poop every morning--and tons of smiles, so whatever. :)

Anonymous said...

Yea to Henry! He sounds exactly my my Coralie at that age, apart from walking not that much different to her 16 month old self. Just to let you know, she held back from officially walking till about 13 months, and has since always been very confident and strong in her legs. Waiting till she had it down, is my guess!

Jessica Reyna Brogan said...

Oh my gosh! He's gotten so big! What a cutie pie :)

Shawn said...

A great sleeper and a great eater - how wonderful! It's been really fun to read about your journey through motherhood so far - hearing you share has given me so much to think about for when I have kids and I really thank you for that!

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