Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Birthday Planning

My birthday's coming up on February 9! (Just in case you're curious, I'm turning 34.)

It's time to start planning my birthday party. This year, I want to be one-step ahead in the planning department (hello Halloween costume designing in August...). Besides, before I know it, it's going to be time to start planning Henry's birthday (February 28).

So, this year poses a bit of a challenge. We are probably moving to Austin at the end of January. I have a couple friends in Austin, but the thought of throwing myself a birthday party and inviting a couple friends doesn't sound appealing (mainly because that's what I did last year).

We could plan a weekend getaway, but we're in money-conservation mode as we save up to build our dream house.

Hm...maybe we could all go to Portland so I could attend professional development for Montessori administrators? (Thanks for telling me about it, Carrie!) Perhaps I could convince Matt to let me use the revenue from the most recent Purposeful Conception class (which started yesterday, so you're welcome to join us!) to shlep everyone to Oregon (instead of putting the money into our general fund like I usually do).

Does anyone have a guest room in Portland for my little family of three so we could save on hotel costs?

Hmm...I'm thinking, thinking.

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Elizabeth said...

Depending when you come and if our basement apartment is rented out yet, we would have a place for you! We don't live in a hip part of town, but pretty much everything is accessible by bus (and we only live 4 miles from downtown). Plus, it'd be so fun to meet you!

Sara E. Cotner said...

Plus you are a baker extraordinaire, Elizabeth! That's a bonus reason to stay with you.

What a generous offer! It's at the DoubleTree by Hilton. Could I take the bus there?

The conference is February 29 through March 4. You'll probably have your basement apartment rented out by then?

Anthropolochic said...

Hi Sara,

If Elizabeth's basement apartment does happen to be occupied, I recommend checking out spaces on Air BnB. I'm not sure if you are familiar with it, but it's room/apartment rental listing service. There are some really great deals offered through it. I'm an anthropologist and my colleagues use the service when they travel to collect data from museum collections.

Anthropolochic said...

I almost forgot - completely intuitive, but I should have included it


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