Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Equal Distribution of Chores

I apologize for not having a more romantic topic on Valentine's Day, but according to this NYTimes article, equally distributing household responsibilities is romantic!

Matt and I try to divide our chores evenly. We divide the weekly and monthly chores into two different groups (#1 and #2) and then we alternate who does them each week/month. Then we have chores that are specific to us every week.

Now that we moved into a new house, it's time to make up new lists to reflect our new environment.

Weekly #1
  • Clean entire kitchen (counters, sinks, refrigerator, microwave, floor, windows)
  • Mop bathroom floors
  • Shake out rugs from kitchen and bathrooms
  • Wipe down dining room table, Henry's table, office desk, desk in front room
  • Get stains out of couch

Weekly #2

  • Clean both bathrooms (counters, sinks, toilets, tubs)
  • Vacuum whole house
  • Vacuum couch

Monthly #1

  • Dust bookshelves and desk in living room
  • Dust bookshelves in Henry's room and master bedroom
  • Wash rugs

Monthly #2

  • Wash duvet cover
  • Sweep front porch
  • Sweep back porch
  • Clean out bowl by front door
Daily/Weekly: Sara
  • Water plants
  • Empty the dishwasher
  • Do general laundry

Daily/Weekly: Matt

  • Take out trash
  • Take out compost
  • Put away dishes from dinner
  • Wash cloth diapers

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