Thursday, February 23, 2012

Henry's First Birthday Party

The birthday party is Saturday. Hooray!

Here's what we need to do to get ready:
  • Borrow a crockpot
  • Go grocery shopping (I decided at the very last minute to switch from the grilled cheese bar to chili. I think it's more economical.) We're going to make vegetarian chili and white bean chili, as well as spinach-artichoke dip, salad, fruit kabobs, and cake, so we need to get: 2 cans chickpeas, 2 cans black beans, 2 cans corn, 2 cans kidney beans, 2 jars salsa, 3 onions, 2 cans white beans, 1 can of chilies, 1 bag of frozen corn, a bag of tortilla chips, cheddar cheese, sour cream, parmesan cheese, artichoke hearts, cream cheese, spinach, bread bowl (all for spinach-artichoke dip), lettuce, goat cheese, sunflower seeds, dried cranberries, avocado, cake flower, butter, and strawberries.
  • Get my hands on a bocce ball set, either by borrowing one or getting it used off craigslist.
  • Set up the stereo in the backyard (to play the Elizabeth Mitchell station on Pandora)
  • Make favors to thank guests for coming (I'm going to make and freeze the dough earlier in the week and write personalized notes and then put everything together the morning of)
  • Make name labels for the glasses
  • Hang the birthday bunting
  • Take Henry's 12-month photo, get it printed, write his letter on the back, and hang it on a ribbon using these clothespins.
  • Think through whether or not to do a candle ceremony.

Hopefully the weather will be nice and we can just hang out on picnic blankets in the backyard. The babies can play with Henry's toys/balls/balloons/pinata strings, the adults can play bocce ball, and everyone can enjoy the music, food, and company.

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RebeccaK said...

We just started listening to Elizabeth Mitchell at our house after finding her on the Laurie Berkner Pandora station: good stuff! Happy birthday!

Jennifer said...

I just love the birthday bunting.

I'm also impressed you already have enough friends to throw a party -- seems like you moved five minutes ago!

Catherine said...

Have fun! If you haven't gone grocery shopping yet, I'd suggest getting dried beans. You will get 2x as much for your money & it is not that much extra trouble (especially if you are making chili right away).

Vivian Caldwell said...

Hi Sarah-

I'm Kelsey's mom. Welcome to Austin. We have a bocci ball set. You're welcome to borrow it. I could even drop it off. Email me at if you still need it.

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