Tuesday, March 20, 2012

DIY Whiteboard

I wrote this post a while back about how we purchased inexpensive shower board from a home improvement store, asked them to cut it to our specifications, and then used removable wall adhesive strips to secure it to our bathroom wall.

I'd like to report that the removal process went pretty smoothly. The only negative consequence was some slight discoloration on the door where the adhesive strips had been for so long.

We decided to hang our "whiteboard" at our new house because it's so useful to have a centralized place to record family-related things. We opted for the kitchen this time. Right now, we've been using to record our meals for the week (have you been using Meals for a Year, the free meal planning site we created?). I also write notes to the babysitter and include a packet of information about Henry's schedule (secured within one of those plastic sheet protectors).

If I erase the marker in a timely fashion, it comes off very easily. If I let the market sit for weeks and weeks, then I have to break out the nail polish remover to get it really clean, which I don't mind. Shower board is definitely an inexpensive option for large whiteboards! You could even build a frame around it, like John and Sherry did at Young House Love.

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JessB said...

Very clever. I missed this post in the in past.

I frequently write in dry-erase and permanent marker on surfaces on glass surfaces at home and work. At work, I use rubbing alcohol or 70% ethanol to remove it. I've even used vodka to remove dry-erase from my own board at home. I suspect nail polish remover would be less expensive than these options. I'll give it a shot next time.

JessB said...

sigh...I proofed that post terribly.

Anonymous said...

is it just the picture or did your white board yellow over time and use?

Liz said...

Hi Sara - I think you meant to say that shower board is definitely an IN-expensive option for large whiteboards. :) Thanks for the how-to!

Sara E. Cotner said...

Hi. Anonymous: It's just the photo! Sorry I didn't realize it was so off-color. It's still perfectly white.

Thanks, Liz! I'll change that soon...

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