Thursday, May 3, 2012

Dwelling in Possibility: Tricking My Internal Critic

There are definitely moments when my big dreams feel overwhelming and nearly impossible (more than I care to admit!). My internal dialogue goes something like: "What do you think you're doing? Who do you think you are to [insert any one of my goals, such as write a book, start a school, or build a community]? You seriously think this will work?"

In those moments, I usually try to go to bed and hope to wake up feeling more refreshed in the morning, or, if it's way to early in the evening to go to bed without seeming seriously depressed, I watch some Hulu or read a book.

Once I wake up, I try to sit down and translate my big, hairy, audacious goals into bite-sized action items. "Go online to place a hold request on How to Form a Nonprofit Corporation" is a lot more manageable than "Start a nonprofit." I know I can go online and place a hold request. Even my internal critic knows that I can go online and place a hold request. The trick is to string together enough of these smaller, manageable action items so that I'm able to gain real momentum without making my Internal Critic take notice.

Once I've made serious headway along the path toward a particular goal, it starts to feel much more real and doable. It becomes increasingly easier to take even more steps along the path. I've just got to get over those initial hurdles and those initial doubts.

Photo from the Magnolia Montessori For All Earth Day booth (we are now up to 127 interested families!)

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Meghan said...

Sara, one of the things i love about reading your blog is that you're so honest about challenges and real life. thank you!

Nora said...

this was exactly the thing my inner critic needed to hear. thank you!

Catoctin Mountain Mama said...

Thanks, Sara, for sharing your simple but invaluable advice on how to reach those BIG goals. I hope your Inner Critic doesn't come out too often because you truly are doing some remarkable things.

Shawn said...

Oh my, I know how terrible it is to hear that internal critic and how hard it can be to shut out sometimes! I also think that, as women, sometimes we are particularly hard on ourselves! I hope what encourages you is knowing that the fact that you hear that voice means you are pursuing something worthwhile! Doing things that scare you and that seem just out of reach is how we grow, I guess. I need to get braver at this kind of thing and you inspire me. Thank you!

Beth said...

Sara, I don't like that you have a negative internal voice, too...but I do need a reminder every once in a while that even my most admired friend has some doubts. That said, your big dreams are amazing and will work out, because you are brilliant and creative and hardworking enough to make them happen. ♥

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