Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Making Changes

 I've been trying to be as healthy as possible with this pregnancy as I was with Henry. I've been taking a nap each afternoon when Henry naps (which means I have to cram my work into the evenings). I've been doing okay on the eating front (it's a little difficult to work around my first-trimester aversions to things). The one area I really need to improve is exercise. When I was pregnant with Henry, I walked for an hour approximately six times a week. It was easy to do. When I was in my first trimester, I was on summer vacation from my teaching job, so I could walk first thing in the morning (when it was slightly cooler). Then once my teaching job resumed in the fall, I walked after my afternoon nap. 

So I need a plan for exercise. If I want to make a change in my habits, I have to: 
  1. Specify specifically what the action will look like
  2. Plot it on the calendar
What will the specific action look like? I will walk at least five times a week, and I will go to prenatal yoga at least once a week.

When will I do these specified actions? Through the summer, I will walk with Matt, Henry, and Hoss around the trail near our house. When the weather cools down and it starts to get dark earlier, I will take Henry and Hoss to the lake before Matt gets home in the evening. I will do prenatal yoga on Saturdays during my free time.

I'm feeling better about this!

Oh, I also need to start drinking my red raspberry leaf tea with nettle. My last midwife recommended 3-4 tablespoons each of nettle and red raspberry to a quart of boiling water: 1 cup per day in the first trimester, 2 cups per day in the second trimester, and 3 cups per day in the third trimester.

Photo from my second trimester with Henry (I'm already more rotund with the second baby, and I'm only nine weeks in!).

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Anthropolochic said...

I've been meaning to ask you this for ages - you mentioned in a blog post way back that you stopped your regular running routine just ahead of your first pregnancy. I was wondering why you changed your exercise routine ahead of conception.

I'm around 18 weeks now and have continued to run 5 times a week (though, much more slowly...and frankly, in spurts with walking breaks). During my first trimester I found it helped with morning sickness so I thought "great. I'm going to run the whole pregnancy". In my second trimester, it is kind of hit and miss. Sometimes I feel great, other times tired.

Mrs.SPF said...

Hi Sara, great blog! I too drank rasberry leaf tea during my pregnancy but my midwife said to start taking it at 28 weeks 1 cup a day then 3 cups a day at36 weeks. I've read that taking it before can sometimes cause bleeding and miscarriage. Don't want to alarm you just make sure you know the facts. WHat is the nettle for?

Anonymous said...

Anthro - I am currently ttc #1 but my DR said to continue with the same exercise program that I was used to. No need to change anything as long as you are comfortable and no health issues.

Kelsey said...

I know it's tough - you're very busy! But this sounds like a great, and doable, plan.

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