Thursday, June 14, 2012

Swimming Lessons!

Henry spent a lot of time in the neighborhood pool last summer, but since he was only about 4-5 months-old, I mainly held him and moved him around (and he willingly kept his hat on!). Now that he's a toddler, "swimming" is a whole different beast. He clearly wants me to let go of him and be free in the water, but I'm pretty sure that dense kid would sink straight to the bottom if I did let go. I'm reluctant to try any flotational devices because they can give children a false sense of how their bodies work in the water.

We decided to enroll Henry in one of those intense swimming classes that teaches 6-12 month-olds how to roll onto their backs and float, while 1-6 year-olds learn how to swim-float-swim. The lessons are every single day for only ten minutes (I told you it was intense!). We're on the waiting list and probably won't be able to start for a few weeks, but I'm looking forward to it!

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Justine said...

wants you to let him go? awww I remember when you and Matt couldn't put him down when he was a baby, otherwise he'd cry.

Mismikado said...

I think baby swimming lessons are the best thing especially if you aren't super confident teaching him yourself. My dad has always been a fish so my parents had me in the pool at a few months old too. They did use floaties when they wanted me to just dangle in. But I think the best thing my dad would do with me, is what we called the dolphin swim. I would hang onto his back (or belly when I was really little) and he would swim a stretch under water so I got used to the feeling of going under and controlling my breathing :)

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