Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Halloween in July

 Love this hat!

No doubt this post will make some of your eyes roll back in your head. But, for me, if I'm going to execute a handmade Halloween costume, I have to start planning it in July. And, for the record, it's almost August.

I'm eager for Henry to be able to communicate to us what he wants to be for Halloween. A friend of mine let her four year-old make a list of everything she wanted to be for several weeks (of course it kept changing), but she gave her a deadline. When the deadline came, she had to pick something off her list and stick with it. 

I did realize this is probably the last year we'll get to pick for Henry, so the thought passed through my mind that maybe we should make him dress up in something really cute that coordinates with a "family costume." But then I forced myself to remember that he's his own person and should get to let his own preferences and tastes dictate his costume. 

Matt and I spent approximately 30 seconds brainstorming responses to: "What is Henry's favorite thing?" We already did Hoss last year, so the second runner up was....

[insert drum roll....]


Yeah, I know it's not very climactic. It is what it is. The kid loves grapes. He stuffs them by the handful into those sweet cheeks of his. 

I know it would be much cheaper to go the balloon route, but it doesn't seem wise to put a toddler in a suit of balloons. I already traumatized the kid with a pinata on his first birthday; I don't need to ruin balloons for him, too. 

The only non-balloon costume I can find for inspiration is the one below:

It's not nearly as cute as the balloon versions. I wonder if I could make the grapes bigger and stuff them with stuffing. Do you think it would be too heavy for a 26-pound kid?

Or any other ideas?

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Jennie said...

What about balloons stuffed with something really light, like tissue paper? Then you wouldn't have the risk of the balloons popping if you're worried about the little pieces ending up in his mouth.

Or (although this is a lot more work), you could use tissue paper and balloons to make paper mache grapes. I'm not sure if that would end up too heavy though.

You could also maybe get a bunch of those hollow plastic balls (like they have in ball pits for kids) and attach them somehow.

Now you've got me thinking about ideas for Ellie since I won't want to do it much later (being huge or possibly caring for a newborn in October). Thanks for the motivation!

V. Wetlaufer said...

As someone whose life is always scheduled around the academic calendar, too, I also try to start brainstorming about Halloween at this time of the year. It takes a long time to get together a good costume, even when you're not making it yourself. I loved Henry's costume last year. My SIL might try to make a similar one for my niece whose favorite thing is their family dog, a Boxer named Belle, her big sister. Good luck with the grapes!

Bekah said...

Maybe you could use those big foam balls they sell at Hobby Lobby? Though I suppose that would get expensive, but it would also be very light-weight and you could maybe even let Henry help you paint them purple! I think this sounds like a really fun costume idea!

Rachel said...

How about painted beach balls? Those are really cheap online and you could even get a few sizes.

Becky said...

Better yet, purple beach balls!

Bonus: You'll have enough beach balls to play with until Henry is shaving.

Stacey said...

What about purple shaded nylons? cut into 6 or 8 inch pieces, tie a knot in one end (or sew it closed). Turn it inside out and stuff it to your desired size--quilt batting would probably be very light. Now that I think of it, you might even be able to dye the stuffing purple too! Close the nylon at the 2nd end, and sew it to the costume.

Lightweight mini grapes!

Anonymous said...

How about wool pom poms? Although they may get pulled apart.
The nylons/tights cut into small sections and stuffed seems like the most practical and lightweight option.

Kelly said...

I love that your dedication to Halloween!

I do think the stuffing would be too heavy, unfortunately. Think about sewing lots of little stuffed animals all over him - it's the same kind of thing.

I want to offer some feedback that's not meant to criticize, but just to share another view point on this costume. If you're in a place where you need to be supported rather than challenged, don't read on. Personally, this doesn't seem like the best costume for Henry's age. The grapes are going to be adding a lot of mass around his body, which will be uncomfortable. If you're just putting him in it to snap a picture, no biggie, but if you're taking him on his first trick or treating adventure, it seems like this costume might get in his way.
My understanding is that Montessori promotes comfortable clothes for children. Obviously, costumes are an exception, but at this age he won't understand that it's a costume. He probably won't understand that they're meant to be grapes either.

With this in mind, and assuming that you just want to honor his love of grapes at the moment, why not paint grapes onto leggings and a shirt?

Good luck with your design - I can't wait to see what you come up with!

Teresa said...

I just wanted to throw a concept out there to help with the design. Do a google search for "bubble quilts" and you'll see larger filled spheres & a how to make them circular. I bet you could translate that into grapes!

Good luck!

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