Thursday, July 26, 2012

Installing a Safer Deadbolt

I belong to a couple different neighborhood list-servs, so I can get to know Austin better. On one of the list-servs, a woman talked about how her door had been kicked in (in the middle of the night while she and her children were sleeping). The thief was trying to grab the TV and run. Fortunately, her alarm (and her shouting) scared him off.

In response to the story, a fellow neighborhood mentioned a really effective deadbolt, called the Medeco Maxum 11WC60L. According to this article in Consumer Reports, it's one of the best. I find the price to be reasonable, too.  

I definitely plan to get this lock installed when we're getting our new house built. We're working with the architect to figure out how we can bring the cost down. Then we have to submit the budget to the bank for a construction loan. Hopefully it will all come together quickly and we can start building! 

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Anonymous said...

My first apartment was burglarized, so I'm paranoid like you. If someone wants to get into your house, they are going to, one way or another.

I would install a heck of a security system with glass break detectors and motion sensors, even if it doesn't actually call in to the police. The second those loud alarms go off, those guys are gone, even if they are on drugs. I couldn't sleep without one.

Anonymous said...

I'm kind of freaked out for you at the seemingly common high level of crime in your area. :(

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you've considered this, but thought I'd comment anyway - for me it's not so much the lock but the door that matters. Not sure on door construction in the US, but in the UK they can be flimsey old things, so the best bolt in the world would never work on it!! x

Shawn said...

Hi! I was wondering how the process of getting a construction loan works. I would definitely be interested in hearing about your experience and what the differences are between how construction loans and conventional home loans work. Thanks for all the great information, as always! Hope you and your family have a great weekend!

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