Thursday, August 9, 2012

Take a Personality Quiz

I am a big fan of personality assessments, like the Myers-Briggs and Strengths Finder. They help me articulate my strengths and areas for growth, and they remind me that my friends, colleagues, family members, and neighbors all have different ways of processing experiences, communicating, relating, etc.

I came across a new one called Equilibria. It's free and takes about 15 minutes. At the end, you get a three-word phrase that is supposed to sum you up. Here's mine:

The Doing Thinker

I actually think that description is surprisingly accurate! As for the rest of the description, I felt like some of it was spot on and some of it was off. 

If you care to read it, I've pasted it below. If you take the assessment, let me know what you are!


I am a pioneer by nature who can become bored with day to day routines. My goals and standards are generally more rigorous than those of other E-Colors. I seek and demand perfection of myself and thus tend to be critical.

I prefer to work on my own as this gives me control. I am task oriented and have a need to analyze situations until I fully understand them.

I do my best to make sure my work is perfect and get frustrated when people criticize my efforts. I find it difficult to understand YELLOWS as they spend a lot of their time talking, which I consider to be non-productive.

My tendencies include:
  • I like performing to my own standard and strive to achieve the unusual
  • I often fear I will not meet the high standards I set for myself
  • I am not good at expressing my innermost thoughts and feelings
  • I often become demanding and even more detached under pressure
My Potential Limiters:
With tasks: My very high expectations mean I often end up being too hard on myself. This can be self-defeating, as I spend too much time thinking negatively. I would benefit by developing elaborative problem solving and people management skills.
With people: I am very task oriented and focused that I can appear to be aloof or calculating. I need to show more genuine warmth and interest in other people's problems.
  • I should be more realistic in what I expect of myself and others
  • It would be to my advantage to take training or mentoring courses on how to enlist the creative potential and untapped talents of others
  • I should minimize my tendency to be aloof and guarded. This can include simple gestures such as smiling, asking others how they feel about things and giving honest and timely feedback
Today on 2000 Dollar Wedding: I'm planning a pop-up dinner party!

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Magdalena's Madrid said...

Thanks for these recommendations. They come at a perfect time! I've just moved back to the US after 2 years living in Spain and am trying to find work. Today was one of those frustrating days but I think (re)-taking these personality quizzes will help refocus my search and help me articulate my strengths in interviews better.

lovely bird said...

You should check out the Enneagram, if you haven't already. I am a therapist, and it is, without a doubt, the most nuanced, sophisticated system to understand "personality." I have a hunch what type you are, but you should check it out for yourself... :)

Elizabeth said...

I love it! I'm the Thinking Relator, and it pretty much perfectly describes me at work :) (Not so much in other areas of my life though). I both love and hate personality tests... I am not super excited about being a lawyer, so I went to see what else I could do, and I came out fitting the lawyer profile in all the personality/career tests I took.

Sara E. Cotner said...

Hi Magdalena's Madrid! You should also check out Strengths Finder because it articulates strengths in very interview-friendly ways. Wishing you the very best as your carve out your best life!

Hi, lovely bird! The suspense! Matt and I actually took an Enneagram class through an adult learning program. I totally forgot about that. Please tell me what you think I am!

Hi, Elizabeth! I think there are a couple jobs that I would be good at based on my strengths, but they just aren't where my "greatest joy meets the world's greatest need" as Buechner said. Wishing you the best!

Jen said...

Thanks for the tip, this was very easy to use and very accurate with me! I've taken other tests, but this is so nice that it is free and online.

I'm a Doing Socializer; tenacious, will cut corners when necessary and highlights strengths instead of weaknesses.

p.s. about your organizational system, have you ever tried Trello? It is a free web-based project list. I love it, I have separate boards for each of my businesses and one personal to do list that I share with my husband.

avila said...

Hi Sarah,
I was about to suggest the enneagram too! To this day I've found it the most helpful personality tool for self knowledge and personal growth.
Unfortunately you can't really tell other people what they are on the enneagram, as it's about motivation not behaviour - hence 2 people might present similar behaviour but have different types because they do it for different reasons. However, if you really want somewhere to start, I'd suggest checking out 3 & 4 (achiever and artist). I'm a 2 with a 1 wing. A tip for identifying your type - it's the one where, when you read a (fairly detailed) descriptor, you feel humiliated! Doesn't sound fund, but enormously helpful (from my experience)!

Anaïs said...

thanx for the link Sarah, it's great! I'm "the doing socializer". Always so nice to read you :)

Cara said...

I am a blue green or Thinking Relator. I'm a bit surprised as the results stated that I am uncomfortable with in depth involvement with people. I feel this is the complete opposite in regard to my personal life as I've always been open to meeting and getting to know folks from all walks of life. On the working end, I'm a case manager and a bit more guarded and careful these days with my clients, as I set a lot of boundaries in my profession. Interesting quiz, nonetheless!

Natalie said...

Thank you for this link! I too love personality tests and this one was really spot on. I am just beginning my career so I'm spending a lot of time thinking about my work-related strengths and weaknesses and what I enjoy doing in a work context.

Maureen said...

I'm also the doing thinker- 29 % green 28% red, 26% blue, 16% yellow. Neat! Thx for sharing.

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