Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Henry's Health Binder

I am humbled by your kindness, Friends. Thank you for taking time out of your day to share some encouraging words with me yesterday. I promise my intent wasn't to make you feel sorry for me and say nice things to me (although maybe that was some kind of sub-conscious desire?). Regardless, your thoughtfulness was much-appreciated.  

We're getting ready to take Henry to his 18-month well-check appointment (I know; we're a month late). I've been wanting to create a centralized place to keep all of his health-related things. Right now we have a folder for everything, but folders never really feel organized to me. Also, not everything makes it into the folder. I have questions and notes from doctor's visits in various notebooks. Further, I haven't kept a record of the illnesses he's had that didn't require a doctor's visit. 

I figured a binder would be a simple solution. I made a sheet to track his doctors' visits, a sheet to track illnesses (with our without a doctors' visit so we can pay attention to patterns over time), and a sheet to track his vital stats. Matt pointed out that electronic records make this kind of binder obsolete, but Henry has already been to three different pediatricians in less than two years. I'm not even sure how well files have or have not been transferring.

I plan to use these sheets for myself, too. I might find them tedious and fall out of the habit of using them, but I'll give it a try and see if I like it. I think collecting this kind of information will help me identify patterns (like recurring sinus infections that correspond with particular times of the year). On second thought, it might make more sense to simply create a "Health" calendar in my Google calendar with quick notes about health-related things that I could turn off and on as necessary.

Our current doctor's office doesn't keep electronic shot records, so I put his shot record in a plastic sheet protector at the front of the binder.
I'm eager to have a centralized place for everything--no more notes on my phone, notes in a notebook, or notes on the back of an info sheet from the doctor.

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Britt said...

I think this is a great idea and probably one I will start when I have children! This way, they could take it with them when they get older just in case they need to fill out any paperwork regarding medical history. You could also try adding a family medical history sheet so that they could have that information on hand as well.

Irishker said...

Perhaps also add in empty sheet protectors to keep information that they might hand out? I know the PCPs office I used to work at was always giving sheets of information out (some junk, but some were handy!). This could also be super helpful if Henry is every sick when you have a babysitter!

Anonymous said...

Smiles** I like your note about commenting. If only I were old enough to imagine sitting with you on a park bench while my children played.

I've just recently begun reading your blog and most often I find all that you have to say honest and worth reading. I just happened to go back and read your post from yesterday and thought I should let you know this.

Also, one of the main reasons I enjoy reading is because you and I share a common goal to raise our children well and with love while also effecting positive change in the world. Specifically your goal of starting a Montessori school. I do not know if I will do that someday, but O, I would love to if I had the chance or the inspiration later in life.

Like you I am a bit of planner. I think I plan so much it stresses me out more then can be helpful. However this is for me, perhaps you relate? I think it is good for you to share your plans because it gives us something to expect news from. How is the plan working? Have you made some changes? Ext. Like you say it also gives you free therapy!! :)

So, to actually comment on this here post. I love the idea of it! Having records for your boys health will be so helpful for him and you. When I first saw the photo I thought maybe this was an exercise for Henry, to make going to the doctors easier and more understandable. Reading on, the idea just kept getting better.

I'm not particularly fond of the boxing style for documentation, as it drives me insane to only half fill a box or overfill it with information... It reminds me of doing observations for school and having to use a ill formatted paper to share all I saw. I ended up typing it on the computer so my boxes would get bigger or smaller as needed. So, I wonder how you will feel about this format as time goes on. Also, are you planning to print them out and hand write notes or fill them out on your computer and print them??

At first I also thought maybe Henry was ill and I was worried! Very, happy to read it is simply a check-up.

Much Love,

P.S: A brief introduction, I am 19, a college student, working at becoming a Montessori Teacher.

Katie Mae said...

I have a Health calendar in Google calendar. I tend to forget about it, but it's easy to use when I remember!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I too think this is a great idea and like Britt's suggestion to add family medical history. We are expecting our first baby :) and I am definitely putting this on my to do list!

Sara E. Cotner said...

Congratulations, Tammy! I definitely wish I would have done this sooner for Henry. I had so many questions and got some really good info from the pediatrician when he was younger.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Sara! I also want to thank you for introducing me (through your blogs) to Montessori. I am hopeful to apply Montessori methods to our son or daughter's daily life :)

Eclice said...

Hey, actually, in France, all babies have a "carnet de santé" = "heath records". It's a written notebook with pages to record weight, height, vaccines, etc.
I still use mine (especially for vaccines).
We also use my partner's one since, his family has genetic issues (whose name is impossible to remember !!!). It would be very helpful when we would want to conceive a baby without having to ask about his sister that died has an infant...

The funny thing is even our cat has one. But my parents (too old ?) didn't get one ! ahahah

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