Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Book Tour Pondering

Friends, thank you so much for your outpouring of support in response to this request for help with my DIY, budget book tour. I know it's a lot to ask. I try to only ask things of people that I would be willing to do in return (for example, I tried to get Meg to do a book tour stop in Houston with the promise of a homemade wedding cake). 

I've had so much fun meeting kindred spirits over the years, such as Kelsey, Meghan, Kelly, Jennie, Sarah, Monja--and more! That's the real appeal of a book tour--meeting more of you. Book tours are increasingly outdated as a publicizing strategy in this digital age. 

I considered every single city that you offered up (even the tiny ones!). I flipped between the comments on that post and Kayak. I searched prices for January/February/March. Based on my preliminary search, it looks like the top contenders are Denver ($142!) and Portland ($255). If I do both of those stops, I would have to leave Matt and Henry behind, since we couldn't afford all those tickets. I'm thinking I would do:
  • Denver
  • Portland
  • Houston
  • Austin
  • Maybe Baton Rouge or New Orleans
I just wanted to keep you updated. I need to talk more with my publicist before making any decisions. If you're interested, you can read today's post over at 2000 Dollar Wedding about holding the book in my hands for the first time. Craziness!

REMINDER: The next Purposeful Conception Course: Preparing Your Mind, Body, and Life for Pregnancy starts Monday. Register today! We'd love to have you join us!

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becca117 said...

We'd love to host you (and your family) if you come to DC area (Alexandria, VA specifically) for your book tour. Weddings are ridiculously expensive here and I know it would be refreshing for the city folk to have an alternative. Sorry I'm late to the party :) I couldn't figure out how to comment before.
My husband and I got married last year with a price tag over your goal but with each decision made consciencously instead of just doing the what everybody does. We handmade so much and invited friends and family to contribute their talents. The wedding was outside and "perfectly us" (as everyone still tells us, over a year after the fact). Anyway, regardless of if you come this way or not, know that I enjoy following your blog and will definitely be turning to your Montessori guidance when babies come. A dream of mine too is to open a small school.

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