Thursday, November 1, 2012

Dear Henry Jones: Halloween #2

I was able to keep up with the "living, breathing scrapbook" idea for Henry's first year. Once we hit the second year, I moved more toward the electronic version (i.e., sending notes, photos, and videos to a special e-mail account for him). I didn't think he'd want a binder for every year of his life. However, I might consider making him a book of photos each year. Or maybe some kind of electronic slideshow. I'm not sure. For now, I still like to capture notes and send them to him. Here's the most recent one from yesterday:

Dearest Henry Jones:

What a fun second Halloween! This year you dressed up like your second favorite fruit: a strawberry. I thought your first favorite fruit (grapes) would be too uncomfortable. You helped me sew the strawberry costume a little bit, although you made me nervous because you didn't want to try it on at all once we were finished. 

However, on Halloween itself, you totally pulled through! In fact, you didn't want to take off your costume. Every time we had to slip it off to get you in your carseat, you protested. First we went to the grocery store for early voting. You helped your dad cast his vote for Barack Obama. Then we went to another grocery store--Whole Foods--to "trick-or-treat" around the store. They had stations set up all around. You carried a little canvas bag with you to collect all the goodies they were doling out. We finished up the evening with some pizza on the outside patio. 

You are such a little joy to be around, dear Henry. You say "ya" to nearly every question we ask right now. You're so good at saying "please" and "thank you." You are such a sweet boy. Thank you for being a major treat in our lives. 

With love,

Mama + Dada

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Nora said...

when my 3 brothers and i were little, my parents made popcorn, brought out the slide projector, and we looked at family slides together. there were lots of pictures that they just had in slide form, so we often forgot about the old slides in between shows. i remember it as a very sweet time. my mom would tell stories about each of us as we looked at the slides. i felt loved. i imagine henry will also feel that way when you share your pictures and notes with him.

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