Monday, November 12, 2012

Register Now: Purposeful Conception!

I've had two requests in the past two weeks to run another course about preparing your mind, body, and life for pregnancy, and that's enough motivation for me. I honestly feel like I'm living my best life when I'm traveling the path of healthy living--physically, emotionally, and mentally--with other kindred spirits. 

Here's some feedback from the last course:
"This course has done just what I hoped it would do - give me and my husband a framework of questions, exercises, and preparations for us to consider before starting a family. As a result, preparing for conception seems less learn-as-you-go, and much more of an intentional journey. Having a plan to work from will be so reassuring!"

"For me, [the lessons] were all helpful. Mainly because they helped me examine where we are in our journey and see that we're already doing so much right. If I'd taken this course four years ago, my answers and responses would have been so much different and I would have seen how far we had to go before being ready. I hadn't realized how much we've grown and how much of it has happened organically as a result of our conception taking so long....I feel so much more confident that we are READY!"

"Thank you so much for putting together this course and for all the support."
For those of you who are thinking about conception or are actively trying, this online course is for you! From November 19 through December 14, a new lesson will be uploaded each weekday. The lessons will address a comprehensive range of topics, such as preparing your body through solid nutrition and exercise, finding balance between what you can and cannot control, making space in your life for pregnancy, deciding whether to track your cycle, building a solid partnership as a foundation for your future family, and much, much more. As a participant in the course, you'll receive information, tips, reflection exercises and prompts, and a community of like-minded kindred spirits who are on a journey similar to your own.

The course doesn't presume that doing x, y, and z will lead to pregnancy. Instead, the idea is to focus on the things we can control in order to create a solid foundation (e.g., nutrition, stress levels, relationships, finances, etc.) and to make peace with the things we cannot control about the process.
I want to be upfront that I am not a healthcare professional. I simply spent a very long time researching and preparing myself for conception. This course is a compilation of all that information in one convenient and concise place--alongside information I did not find in any of the books.

Interested in learning more? Visit the Course Overview or About the Author. The total cost is $99 USD. Register Now! Or e-mail me with more questions. Happy Conceiving!


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Stephanie said...

Hi Sara! I want to have a baby in 2015, I'll be 28 and my hubs will graduate then. What do you recommend is the best time for me to take this course? And will you still be teaching in 2014? ;-)

Sara E. Cotner said...

Hi, Stephanie!

I usually recommend that people take the course as early as possible in their journey. Even though 2015 is very far away, some of the topics inspire major changes in people's lives. For example, one woman's husband decided to completely change his career based on conversations inspired by the course. I have no idea of knowing whether the course will inspire deeper, more complicated changes in your life. That's why I always recommend to take it sooner rather than later. I advise people who are taking it early to copy and paste each lesson into a separate place, so that they can continue to reference things as their conception time gets closer.

As for whether I'll be offering the course or not, every time I say I'm getting ready to take a break, I'm back with another one! I promise it's not a marketing ploy. I keep getting sucked back in because I enjoy the community so much. I will probably continue to offer courses at least until June when my baby is due (if everything goes okay). I'll probably even offer another one when I'm on maternity leave. It's after that that my life will start to get very busy (with the opening--hopefully--of my school and two children at home). I imagine I'll have to streamline my life at that point.

Hope that helps with your decision!

All the best,


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