Monday, December 17, 2012

Easy, High-Protein Breakfast

I'm still in the eat-whatever-will-sit-well-with-my-slightly-queasy-stomach phase of pregnancy, so I haven't been able to kick my healthy eating into high gear. Salads are just now starting to feel tolerable again. According to this online due date calculator, I am officially just beginning the second trimester. 

As a vegetarian, I want to make sure I eat plenty of protein. I can usually hit 60-70 grams if I eat a high-protein breakfast, dinner leftovers for lunch, dinner, and two high-protein snacks (including a protein bar recommended by my midwife).

I've had too many green smoothies lately, so I wanted to put a new option into the mix: an egg and cheese sandwich. My best friend taught me how to make these more than a decade ago, which is fitting because they are amazingly easy and would fit easily into any post-college lifestyle (which is perfect for a pregnant person who works two part-time jobs and tries to keep up with a toddler). 

  • One egg
  • Oil spray (I use olive oil in one of these bottles)
  • Whole wheat English muffin
  • Cheese (I use white cheddar cheese--ever since I read the ingredients and realized that orange cheddar cheese has added coloring for the orange effect--so weird!)
  1. Toast the English muffin
  2. Spray the bottom of a regular cereal-size bowl with olive oil or some other kind of non-sticking agent
  3. Crack an egg into the bowl
  4. Put the bowl in the microwave and cover with a light dishtowel (we try to be a paper-towel-free household)
  5. Microwave for 1 minute
  6. Cut up the cheese
  7. Assemble! (and add salt and pepper as preferred)
It's a seriously quick, easy, tasty, and protein-packed (about 20 grams!) breakfast. I'm not sure what I'll do when our house finally gets built (still waiting on the building permit from the Glorious City of Austin!) and we intentionally don't have a microwave. 

P.S. I just learned that the The Book Depository offers free shipping world-wide, so any international friends can easily order Kids in the Kitchen: Simple Recipes That Build Independence and Confidence the Montessori Way. And apparently A Priceless Wedding: Crafting a Meaningful, Memorable, and Affordable Celebration is also available; it's just currently out of stock.

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CarolinaSuzieQ said...

Do you break the yolk or leave it intact?

Sara E. Cotner said...

I leave it in tact! It cooks right up (although there are some popping sounds that are a little disconcerting during the process).

Nicole said...

I do this many mornings a week. You can also scramble the egg first. A coffee mug with a flat bottom is perfectly english muffin sized- works well for microwaving the egg. Also yummy with tomato and basil on top of the cheese. Mmm, I want one now :-)

Rachel said...

You could probably bake, fry or poach the egg if you didn't have a microwave.

Unknown said...

Very disappointed in your post today. You are a teacher and a mother and not one word of mention about the events on Friday in Connecticut. And instead you are giving a "recipe" for an egg and cheese sandwich???? I don't think this is much of a recipe! And then you just go on to promote your books for the holiday season in light of the tragedy that has taken place in our country. It's enough for me to drop this blog from my weekly reading....

Not So French Girl said...

You can just fry the egg, I'm sure you would only need the same quantity of oil you use now.

I'm also sure you will write a post on the tragedy in your own time.

Sara E. Cotner said...

Hi, Not So French Girl! Thank you for understanding that just because I haven't figured out words to convey what happened in Connecticut doesn't mean my heart hasn't already broken a hundred times and that I haven't had many conversations with my partner, colleagues, and friends about the implications of another mass shooting on our lives and the future of our world.

Katie Mae said...

I made this today and it was fantastic. Thanks for the recommendation!

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