Wednesday, December 19, 2012

See You in the New Year!

As much as I like the festive Christmas spirit, I really, really like the new year. I like the natural cycle of reflection, planning, goal-setting, dreaming, and the renewed sense of energy I feel.

My friends and I have been filling out this New Year's Reflection form since I created it in 2005. Last year, I added Andrea's reflection into the mix, which is more holistic. We also make a collage to represent the kind of year we want to have. I like Andrea's idea of having a mantra for the year. This year, I want to make sure I incorporate my mantra into my collage.

My mantra for 2012 was "Make Dreams Happen." I've definitely done that in many ways, including finishing and publishing my book, growing the idea of Austin's first public Montessori school from a small seed into a sapling, selling our house without a realtor and moving to Austin, finding land/designing a house, collaborating with good friends to write and publish another book, getting pregnant (twice), and learning how to run a charter school by working at a new one. 

Wow. It's crazy to see everything listed all together like that. 

What does this next year have in store for me? Actually, that sounds really passive. I should ask, "What do I want to create/bring to fruition/make happen in 2013?"

I want the state to approve our charter so Magnolia Montessori For All can officially be born. I want to give birth to a happy and healthy little one. I want to continue to nurture Henry and help him build the foundation of his personality. I want to make our new house a home. I want to bring food forth from the earth. I want to build community in our new city. I want to practice Spanish to improve my ability to communicate with diverse families.

What lays ahead in each month?
  • January = Finalizing our charter application
  • February = Completing the final push for the charter school
  • March = Publicizing A Priceless Wedding; Getting a head start on the school
  • April = Publicizing A Priceless Wedding; Getting a head start on the school
  • May = Publicizing A Priceless Wedding; Getting a head start on the school
  • June = Moving into our new house and getting settled; building raised beds; preparing the soil for fall gardening
  • July = Relaxing with the new baby
  • August = Relaxing with the new baby; Interviewing with the state to secure a charter
  • September = Working on my school part-time while I stay home with the new baby
  • October = Working on my school part-time while I stay home with the new baby
  • November = Working on my school part-time while I stay home with the new baby
  • December = Working on my school part-time while I stay home with the new baby
I look forward to continuing this process of reflection and intention-setting. We're going to take a 21-hour roadtrip to see my family in Florida (and then fly to Indiana to see Matt's family), so I'll have lots of time to refine my thinking and position myself for the new year. 

I'll see you on January 7th! May your next couple of weeks brim to the top with love, contentment, and connection!

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Kit Miller said...

Sara, I've never commented in this space, but I've been an avid reader of yours (both blogs!) for three years. Every day I check in with you and very often I leave with a sense of inspiration and strong motivation. Thank you so very much for that. You gave me the confidence to execute a wedding of my own vision that adhered to my personal sense of social imperative. (It was a very intimate "Green" wedding that took place in our own back yard. The entire affair came in at $2,500.00 but in all sincerity, it was the most precious and priceless day of my life.) In January of this year, I went back to school to complete my degree in Early Childhood Education. And a year from now I'm going to begin work on my own Montessori certification. Sara, you helped me discover my calling and every day you deepen my conviction to pursue it. I really wanted to share this with you this holiday season. Your influence on my life has been a gift, and I wanted to make sure that you know that as you delve into your annual period of reflection and planning.
My very best wishes of happiness and health to you, Matt, Henry, Hoss, (Hop-sing and Clem, even though they aren't able to be near you right now), and the rest of your families! Happy Christmas and a promising and fruitful New Year!

Sara said...

my husband and i have used your new year's reflection forms for the last few years - we look forward to it every year!

happy christmas to you and yours, and safe travels! :)

Sara E. Cotner said...

Oh, Kit, thank you for taking the time to share such kind and heart-warming thoughts. It was great to hear about your wedding and your current career trajectory. Definitely keep me updated!

And Happy Holidays to you and yours, Sara!

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