Monday, January 7, 2013

And So the New Year Begins!

What a whirlwind vacation: a 20-hour road trip with a toddler and a bloodhound (not nearly as awful as I thought it would be!) from Austin to Tampa, a couple days with my family in Florida, a last-minute change to our flight to avoid the blizzard that descended upon Indiana, a Christmas-day flight to Matt's hometown in Bloomington, five days of snow, a trip to the pediatrician for antibiotics, two flights back to Florida along with a 2-hour car ride to get to my best friend's house on the other side of Florida, a New Year's party, a trip to the beach, a two-hour trip back to my family's hometown, and the return 20-hour road trip. 

Honestly, it sounds more stressful than it was. There were lots of naps and moments of relaxation among family. I spent time browsing Pinterest, working on the charter application for the school I'm working to start, and making plans for the new year.

I planted a lot of metaphorical seeds last year, and I'm eager to see them take root and grow in 2013. Last year's mantra--"Make Dreams Happen"--has given way to this year's focus: "Put Down Roots." If all goes well (fingers crossed!), we'll be moving into a new house/neighborhood, having a baby, and I'll be starting a school (although the school won't be open to students until the fall of 2014). 

My plan for "goals" this year is to implement a new habit each week or two. The idea is that each habit will be cumulative; each small change will be added to the previous changes and by the end of the year I will have positively impacted my life trajectory. 

So far, I have a list of about 20 things to focus on. I imagine I will add to the list as the year goes on. For this first week, I'm going to start out simply: "Drink enough water." I know that hydration is super-important for my health and wellness (and my baby's health and wellness!), but when I get too busy, I have trouble keeping it at the forefront of my mind. My goal is to drink at least 80 ounces a day (which is as simple as filling my bottle twice). 

My plan for making this small goal a new habit is to drink out of my water bottle. If I switch back and forth between glasses and my bottle, it's easy to think I've drunk more than I actually have. 

It's such a simple yet satisfying intention to start off with. I'm looking forward to it! 

I hope your holidays were full of joy and connection and I hope your new year is off to a fantastic start!

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Rebecca said...

Sounds like fun. We've made a little family tradition to stay at a state park cabin over New Years - I love reconnecting just the 3 of us (my husband, 20-month old and I).

Did Hoss fly or stay in Florida?

Sara E. Cotner said...

Hi, Rebecca! Your tradition sounds lovely!

Hoss always stays in Florida with my family. That's part of the reason why we drive to Florida (so we can save on boarding).

I hope you have a great year!

Carrie said...

Happy New Year, Sara, and you look pregnant in that picture! :)

Julie said...

Happy new year! I'm also working on a "drink more water" goal. I like the idea of tackling one small habit a week!

Anonymous said...

Cute belly!

Rose said...

That is a fantastic picture of your family!

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