Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Out of Our Control

As soon as the stakes were put in the ground to mark the corners of the house we're building, I realized we made a huge mistake: We are wasting a large amount of our yard by having a two-car driveway on the side of our house instead of in front. 

The next day, they started building the foundation and our mistake was permanent! 

Even though we technically have a half-acre of land, most of it is part of a steep drop-off that leads to the creek. Once the foundation was built, it was suddenly apparent that our house and deck take up most of our backyard. I was really disheartened by the thought of putting up a fence (which we need to keep our bloodhound and chickens corralled). It suddenly felt like our yard was going to be even smaller than when we lived on a regular city-sized lot in Houston. 

But then our neighbor gave us our tour of his backyard, and we realized that he went ahead and fenced in his yard all the way down to the creek. Suddenly, it felt like we had a way to make the best of our situation. Our plan now is fence in our entire lot. Although our neighbor's lot is more gradual than ours is, I still think we'll create a lot of usable space. Our neighbor explained that he cleared out a lot of the weeds and shrubs that had previously made his yard so unusable. Also, if the incline proves to be too steep, we can get a contractor to add some steps. 

I'm eager to get that part of the yard fenced in right away (if we can afford it). I'd love to spend some time every weekend getting it cleaned out (it's collected a lot of trash from the creek over the years). I'm also eager to see where exactly our property line is. 

The same day we realized our house/deck take up most of our flat lot area, we also learned that the lot next to us had been sold and someone was planning to build something there. 

There goes the beautiful view of trees out our large bedroom windows! 

Despite my disappointment, I'm excited about the possibility of more community on our little cul-de-sac. 

The other thing I'm trying to make the best of (since it's out of my control) is when the house is actually completed. The delay with the city permit pushed us back two whole months. I'm preparing myself for the fact that it probably won't be ready before the baby makes his grand entrance. In fact, I'm trying to identify all the "bright sides" of being in our old house. 

It's all a good reminder that even when we think things are in our control, they ultimately aren't! 

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Nora said...

what a sweet picture. i'm sure you'll look back at it as a treasured moment.

Colleen said...

I'm so excited for you guys! The house you have dreamed about is started! Your story is an inspiration. THanks for sharing.

Maureen said...

How exciting that things are really starting now! I'm sure you'll come up with great ways to maximize the yard you do have. Will you still have a pool put in?

Hannah Silver said...

Very exciting Sara! What is the timeline for the house? I was under the impression with the modular homes that after laying the foundation the process was pretty quick.

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