Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Handmade Goodness for Baby

The other night, Henry did something that melted my heart. We had a friend over for SXSW, so the noise in the living room woke Henry up around 11pm. I went into his room and asked him if he wanted some water. He said yes, got up, walked over to his bookshelf, drank some water, set his glass down, picked up the framed ultrasound picture of his brother, gave it a wet kiss, set it down, asked for a hug and kiss from me, went back over to his bed, and fell asleep. 

I keep trying to tell him that the baby won't be able to do much at first, but he's still really excited about his arrival. Last weekend we finally got around to finishing the baby's blanket. We cut the pieces for it a while ago, but we finally sewed them together. It's really cute to hear the pride in Henry's voice when he says, "I made it." 

The other thing I made for Henry that I also want to make for the new baby is a pillow for his bed. I made this house pillow to go with Henry's cityscape sheet. This time, I'm thinking about making a bolster pillow like the one featured above via Spoonflower

It would just be large enough to stretch across the width of his crib mattress floor bed. A quick search of the IKEA website reveals that they have this pillow:

It's 24 inches long, which will be just about right for the mattress which is about 28 inches long.

Here are the baby's sheets:
I'm thinking about these two fabrics from SewMamaSew for the pillow:


I'll probably work on Henry's duvet cover first and then see how much energy I have left over for another sewing project.

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Sara said...

Your little Henry is going to be the best big brother, I can tell! :)

Thais said...

Those are very cute, are they organic?

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