Monday, March 18, 2013

Henry's Room

Matt and I hit a big milestone at the end of last month: We saved up all the money we need for the large down payment + closing costs on our permanent loan that we'll need to fork over as soon as our house is done being built. Celebration! 

(While one part of my brain is celebrating, the other part is busy making Excel sheets to predict how much money we'll need to cover Henry's childcare costs during my non-paid maternity leave and creating additional tabs to map out a budget for all the appliances we need to buy, like a washer/dryer, refrigerator, stove, and dishwasher). 

Another part of my brain is wondering if we can get our health insurance to cover any portion of our home birth (we couldn't with Henry in Houston) and how much we'll have to owe in taxes this year.

And then another part of me is busy decorating (in my head and via Pinterest) as many rooms as I can. While it's a fun form of procrastination, it's also much less stressful to browse and search for things in advance as opposed to right when I need them. 

We actually bought a comforter, as well as two filing cabinets off of Craigslist that Matt is painting an aqua color for us to use as bedside tables. 

We've picked out gray chevron sheets from Target for the baby's floor bed (which will be Henry's old IKEA mattress) and then realized that we needed to hurry and pick out sheets and a duvet cover for Henry since we'll be upgrading him to a twin mattress soon. 

For some reason I always have a hard time finding duvet covers that I like. For Henry, I'm thinking that I'll just make him one out of two twin sheets (since we need two flat sheets for his bed anyway as he's toilet learning). I'm currently thinking about this gray sheet for the top of the duvet:

This yellow sheet for bottom of the duvet:
And this colorful pillow case:
His floor bed would consist of a twin mattress + fitted sheet + duvet cover made out of two sheets + colorful pillow + yellow stripped pillow. We would take the pillows off at night. Bonus: It would feel like he was sleeping under a sheet without the shiftiness of a sheet.

Before I pull the trigger on any of this, I need to sleep on it and make sure I still like it in the morning. It's frustrating how fickle my tastes can be, especially because once I buy something I try to stick with it until it falls apart and needs to be replaced.

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mamaschlick said...

You may like The Company Store. I have bought sheets, blankets, pillows etc from them for years and their quality is amazing, as is their customer service. The regular stuff is expensive but on sale are some real deals, so take a look! I love their patterns, and they have tons of duvet covers you may like. The shipping is a tad on the slow side sometimes unless you are willing to pay the $8 fast shipping cost. I bought pillows from them 15 years ago and they had a lifetime guarantee. When I called to ask about it, they simply said to put the pillows in a box with their return label and they will send me new ones free to replace the old ones which had flattened. They took my word for it which level quality they were and sent me 2 pillows valued at $75 each. I was amazed.

Aimee said...

I love the building pic! Can you do a post about the process? I'm confused about all the factors involved: buying land (a mortgage for that?), building (a loan for that?) and then the house's mortgage itself... does it all get lumped into one payment? How much did you have to have up front vs. being able to make monthly payments for 15/30/__ years?

Aimee said...

We are thinking about building too but we're just in the dreaming stage so any advice/info would be so helpful! :)

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