Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Living, Growing Scrapbook Update

I've heard youngest children complain about how their baby books pale in comparison to their older siblings', and I'm actively trying to make sure that doesn't happen to baby #2 (whose name might be Tate, Crosby, Harper, Sidney, Quincy, Sawyer, or--if Henry has his way--Po Po Brother). 

Of course every child's experience is different within the same family, but I don't want the experience to feel inferior in any way for our second child. I've been trying to keep a scrapbook going for the second baby, just like I did for Henry's pregnancy and first year. 

Luckily, the format is very laid back and easy to keep up with. I simply use double-sided tape to adhere photos to white cardstock. Then I slip the cardstock into a plastic sheet and clip it into the binder. I can write directly on the cardstock with regular pens (and I even override my perfectionistic tendencies by using different types of pens--sometimes even on the same page!).

I'm trying to write just as many letters to the new baby as we wrote to Henry. On the letter pages, I simply cut out a picture from a magazine to add a little decoration. I can also insert things like greeting cards from other people. 

I'm relieved that the process doesn't feel overwhelming in any way, and it's easy to keep up with. 

Even though I'm only making each boy a photo scrapbook for the first year of their life, we will continue to use it to keep important things for them, such as class pictures, acceptance letters, thoughtful birthday cards, etc. All of these things can be easily slipped into plastic sheets and clipped into the binder.

Henry absolutely loves flipping through his scrapbook. When we get to the end, he inevitably requests, "Again!"

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Sarah said...

I think it's awesome that you are working to create scrapbooks for both children--I haven't even started one for HP, so I am impressed by your diligence! But as a youngest child married to another youngest child, I want to add that I in no way found my childhood/childhood memories "inferior". Both of our baby books are pretty much blank, to the point that my mother-in-law almost didn't show me b/c she was embarrassed by the lack of entries. Honestly, all I wanted was a handful of pictures from the early years, and I have those. So even if your best laid plans for baby books don't work out, know that baby #2 will likely not hold that against you the future. It's fun to joke about the lack of documentation of our lives, but there is no bite or sense of hurt behind the words. Life gets busier with more kids, and "brother po-po" will understand. I'm sure you already know all that, but I thought I'd add my perspective as a youngest child with an empty baby book.

katejstross said...

love this idea as I am not a super crafty person and tend to get overwhelmed pretty easily with stuff like this. which means I never finish it. haha.

Also, LOVE Tate! Henry and Tate. gosh. so cute!

Anonymous said...

How about Harpo? Then he can be 'Po 'Po brother :) And bonus if you are a Marx Brothers fan!

Jenny said...

Adorable names. Our son had dozens of hilarious names like "Big Shark" and "Stick" for our second baby. We made a little board book with the names and had him illustrate the pictures. It's my favorite thing from the second pregnancy.

I never did a baby book with the first so the second is certainly missing one! I admire your organization.

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