Monday, June 24, 2013

Post-Partum Comfrey Tea Compresses

One of the few items left on our pre-baby to-do list is to make comfrey tea compresses. They were recommended by our first midwife, and I found them to be immensely soothing.
  • Boil comfrey tea leaves (directly in the pot) for approximately 15 minutes
  • Meanwhile, fold gauze pads into a shape that will be most comfortable in your underwear post-partum
  • When the tea is cool enough, dip the gauze into the pot and then place inside a snack-sized baggy to freeze each compress separately (it makes it easier to access each compress when you need it)
The midwife said it's beneficial to let the leaves stick to the gauze. They supposedly promote healing even more.
I definitely want to check off this item before Tate arrives. I think I might try to coordinate meal drop-offs, too, since we haven't gotten around to freezing anything. It would be fun to see friends for a little bit every other day once we're more settled.

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Maureen said...

My midwife recommended soaking menstrual pads with the comfrey tea then freezing them, which sounds like a great idea. My husband became a pro at slitting open disposable diapers, inserting chipped ice and freezing them. They make great postpartum ice packs and the dipe absorbs the water as the ice melts. Will be thinking of you this week!

Sara said...

I did the menstrual pads but only saturated about halfway before freezing and that worked well. That is an interesting idea about the diapers. What size did you use?

Irene Tan said...

That is a fantastic idea - I have not heard of this for healing, I will try this out for our next baby. How far in advance can you prepare these or is it ok to prepare these at any time as they are in the freezer?
Looking forward to hearing about Tate's birth.
I was lucky with post partum help - my father cooked all of our meals, especially for me as I was in 1 month confinement period and as such had the appropriate confinement food. It made things a lot easier having that help, it was probably the most useful help that I could have asked for.

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