Monday, July 22, 2013

Anniversary Traditions

I love how traditions create a rhythm to the year.
Matt and I celebrated our 5th anniversary on Friday (half a decade!), and we're still implementing the tradition we started on our 1st anniversary. Every year, we take turns--one person writes a letter to the other person about our year together, and the other person plans an experience.
We opted for a ritual devoid of presents because, frankly, we already feel enough pressure to buy each other creative and interesting presents year after year for birthdays and Christmases.
This year, it was my turn to plan the experience. Before Tate's arrival, I spent some time brainstorming ideas. I decided that we really needed to get out of town. I turned to my new best find a small cabin in the Texas Hill Country. It has hammocks and a hot tub and acres of uninterrupted land. And we can bring Hoss!
We'll probably go when Tate is around three months old. The small town has an antique fair the first Saturday of every month, which sounds so fun. Other than that, we'll probably just hang out and relax. We might even invite another family along, since there are two cabins on the property. Maybe we could take turns cooking communal meals. Or perhaps we'll just go by ourselves.

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