Monday, July 1, 2013

Bonus Time

The most common thing I hear from strangers these days is: "Wow. You must be tired of being pregnant in this heat. I bet you're eager for the baby to come." I usually shock them by saying that I'm perfectly content to be pregnant because it's a lot easier to be pregnant--even in the summer--than to have a newborn baby.
I'm writing this post on the eve of my due date (and scheduling it in advance), and I'm so thankful Tate has given us a little extra time to get things in order. Everyone thought he was going to be early (given the way he's been lodged in my pelvis for months), so the fact that we made it to his due date feels like a gift.
Now that we've checked off the "must-dos," I am so much more motivated. The bonus tasks are way more fun--like planning our anniversary, buying birthday gifts for friends, making Henry a total of eight(!) pairs of pants, deep cleaning our ottoman and couch pillow know, random things.
Henry and I go swimming at the park behind our house pretty much every day. I'm a little sad that my summer swimming will come to an end once Tate arrives (in order to give my body a chance to heal and because we'll be homebound for a while), but we'll find other ways to have fun.
My miscarriage feels farther and farther away, but I still reference it in various conversations because I want to help normalize the experience for myself and others.
And even though my ligaments feel like they are separating and I'm all sorts of rickety, I am trying to bask in the amazingness of pregnancy and to savor what will likely be my last one. I feel so fortunate to be female and to be able to nurture life into existence. It's astounding. Thank you, Universe.
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Melanie said...

Sara - that picture is so awesome! Keeping up with you from afar and sending you good vibes and best wishes for an easy delivery and transition to being a family of four. You're an inspiration!
-Melanie G.

Anonymous said...

Aww, this post makes me want to be pregnant again! Good luck with your delivery!

Autumn Witt Boyd said...

Please share info. about the pants and any pattern(s) that you use when you complete them! We are looking at potty training our boys in the next year or so, and simple pull-on pants will be a must.

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