Monday, August 12, 2013

Design Advice

We are set to close on Friday--assuming everything gets finished up in time! And I need your help decorating our main room, if you're interested!

Here's what we have so far:
A reclaimed wood dining room table (which will run parallel to the island) with these dining room chairs

We're thinking about a 3-sided sectional from IKEA in light gray (chaise + couch + loveseat) like this couch but in this light gray color with the chaise and loveseats on the opposite sides. We were thinking about having the U-shape open toward the far sliding glass door in the photo and pushing the loveseat side all the way to the right-hand wall (the chaise would be on the left side). We are replacing the IKEA legs with wooden mid-century modern legs.

The hole you see in the far wall will be a built-in bookcase in white.
Here's what we need:
  • A rug (I'm thinking 8 x 10?). I would like it to be comfortable and family-friendly in terms of stain-removal or hiding stains (if possible). I'm thinking wool.
  • An ottoman (ideally a storage ottoman)
  • Curtains (for a window to the right that is not pictured in the photograph--the other window is high enough to not need a window covering
  • A side table or something to run along the back side of the couch?
  • Maybe wallpaper or wrapping paper to line the back of the built-in bookshelf?

    Do you have any specific suggestions? Pretty please? With a cherry on top?

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ckmb said...

No real design advice, but it looks great! So exciting. As for the rug, maybe wait until you have the couches in place before you decide on size. You could tape out the size in mind to see if it works.

Kimberly Bridges said...

I love everything you've done so far! It's all so nice and clean. As far as the rug goes... I would recommend carpet tiles. They come in all sorts of colors and patterns (even jigsaw puzzle) so you can customize the size, color, and patter. Plus you can purchase extra tiles so that when you get a stair that won't come out you just replace that tile instead of the whole rug! Happy decorating!

Jillian Alcaro said...

Try the Joss and Main site. Sherry and John at Young House Blog get amazing deals there, especially on rugs.

Meghan said...

Hmm, I don't have any design advice. BUT, just wanted to say Yay! The house looks gorgeous. Can't wait to see more photos!

j loves j said...

Have you thought about stenciling something behind the bookshelf? I'm prone to changing my mind a lot so for me, paint would be easier to change later rather than removing the wallpaper, patching any holes, and then repainting/re-wallpapering. You could also get an ottoman in a similar color to what winds up going behind the bookshelf to tie it all together (or maybe that will be too much of a statement piece for your taste). Just my two cents!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Pretty Space!! You might try looking at West Elm for items, they have a bunch of neat furniture and rugs that would work well in there. You can also get stuff cheaper because they will sell items as floor models for super cheap. Also, what about looking for fabric to make curtains with, as opposed to premeds? You might find something you like more that way, and could even talk someone into making them for you..... ;)


Jennie said...

It's going to be such a lovely home!

The only idea I have is for the table thing along the back of the couch. I've seen (on pinterest, I think) people use those Ikea cubby shelves (the ones that are 2 cubbies high, not 4) behind couches. Plus, then you have space to put toys. If memory serves me, I think you might already own a shelf like this for Henry's Montessori toys!

Angela said...

Sara, it's all coming together and your home will be beautiful! I concur with one of the previous posters - carpet tiles! We just ordered ours from FLOR for our nursery. You can remove individual tiles as they become soiled, and are great for families. Urban Outfitters has reasonably priced curtains, or purchase fabric from Ikea to make even more reasonably priced panels on your own. Happy decorating!

Autumn Witt Boyd said...

I love how bright and airy your space is! We have this storage ottoman from overstock:

I love that it's modern looking but comfy for our boys to climb on or us to put up our feet. Even though it's white it's easily WIPEABLE since it's leather, and it's got a lot of storage (we use it for blankets and admittedly the boys love to climb inside!). We've had it a year and it's held up great so far.

We've had good luck with inexpensive, large rugs from but beware the colors are not always as they appear on-screen (not a big deal if you're going with a neutral, more of a problem trying to match vibrant colors to existing decor).

Sara E. Cotner said...

Thanks, Everyone!

Hopefully we'll be able to move soon!

colibri said...

Etsy has some cute rag rugs and felt ball rugs. World Market has pretty rugs, too, but more spendy. Also, Garnet Hill makes a pretty one called Porcelain Garden; I have the older version with a red background.

Kelsey said...

No specific design advice here but I just wanted to offer that if it takes you a bit to find these perfect pieces that's OK. I was so eager to have our whole house done as quickly as possible but actually living in the space gives you a different perspective on what works best or what your style in the space will be so sometimes I wish I had been more patient about decorating. But it sounds like these basic pieces you are looking for will be perfect for the space, so fun!

Sara E. Cotner said...

That's such a good point, Kelsey! It's hard for me to have patience for the process, but I know we'll have a better end result if I can hold out.

Thanks for the reminder!

Mismikado said...

Everything sounds lovely. My only comment is that you might want to hold off on a wool rug. Wool/lanolin allergies are actually pretty common, so you might want to wait till the boys are a little older to be sure. If it doesn't run in your family, you might not want to worry. But in my family there are three generations who will break out in hives when in contact with wool :-(

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