Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Wholefood for Children

The loveliest book arrived on my doorstep by surprise (from this lovely lady): Wholefood for Children. I've been hankering for a copy ever since I read Kylie's mention of it. When it arrived, I started to devour it right away.
It came at the perfect time in my life. Although I'm feeling pretty stable and balanced with our expanded family, I feel like one of our most neglected areas is health and wellness. The intro chapters of this book focus on the importance of cultivating health and wellness within our families and creating a conscious family food culture. Yes!
We've been doing anything but that lately. Although we had a steady supply of delicious and nutritious meals delivered by friends in the weeks after the birth, we often filled the other days with less than healthy meals. But more than that, I feel like Henry has been eating so much junk: juice and goldfish crackers from our amazing neighbor, more processed foods at church, and just carbohydrates for breakfast. Although Matt and I are back into the routine of grocery shopping and cooking several meals a week, we never seem to have time to make a salad or another side of vegetables.
Although I only weigh half a pound more than when I got pregnant (and 4 pounds more than my ideal number), I don't feel healthy right now. I lost so much muscle mass during my pregnancy (mainly because I replaced regular running with sporadic walking).
Once I hit the six-week mark, I decided to try jogging again. After Henry's birth, my midwife recommended that I not run while breastfeeding because the hormones can loosen your joints (or something like that). This time, I decided to pick up jogging even while breastfeeding because my pace is so slow; I don't think I'm putting too much strain on my joints. The trick is figuring out how to fit in runs. I can definitely go on Saturday and Sunday, but I don't see how I could go any other time (I hate pushing a stroller while running). Maybe I'll just do two times a week for now and yoga once a week. Then, when I have an income again, we can afford to join the YMCA and I can take advantage of their free childcare.

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Kelsey said...

I'm so glad this book is helping you to get back to the habits you want to have. It's tough finding time for exercise and getting into a routine of healthy eating with kids! We are still not there yet but it's something I really need to focus on. It used to come so easily because I had the time and now I probably need to be much more intentional in the planning. I'm excited to hear what you make from this book!

Kylie D'Alton said...

Yes! Great choice Kelsey. I always had the time and energy but didn't have the knowledge. I love this book because it gave me that. I also trust Jude 100%, I really feel like I'm giving my kids the very best when cooking from this book. Just keep in mind it's Australian I think some adjustment is required for some measurements. I think that's mentioned in the book.

Anonymous said...

Drat, my comment got eaten! Trying again...

I've been a runner and a breastfeeding mama for almost 2.5 years now. It's a wonderful combination. I am glad you are lacing up your shoes and getting out there!

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