Tuesday, September 24, 2013


The pumpkins are upon us! As a side note, Henry is still obsessed with pumpkins. He has been since he was eight months-old. Every trip to the grocery store turns into a discussion about how we're going to wait until October to buy pumpkins. 

I'm so excited that Henry is finally at the age where we can pick his own Halloween costume. The first year of his life we dressed him up like his favorite thing in the world: Hoss. The second year of his life we dressed him up like his second favorite fruit: Strawberries (we opted not to dress him up like his first favorite fruit--grapes--because we didn't think he would be too comfortable). 

So this year, I've been asking him what he wants to be. My friend lets her children keep an ongoing list of what they want to be in the months leading up to Halloween. They change their minds frequently, so she writes down everything. Then, on the predetermined date, they read over the list and decide what they are going to be. 

My plan was to follow the same strategy with Henry, except he keeps saying the same thing over and over. He wants to be an elephant (except for the time he was joking--how cute is a 2.5 year-old telling jokes?--and said he wanted to be a toenail). 

So, elephant it is. 

With Tate, I was going to dress him up like is favorite thing, but his favorite thing is Henry. Henry doesn't have enough distinctive features to make that costume obvious enough. So, in my mind, the next best thing is to dress him up in the elephant theme, which led me to the idea of a peanut. 

The elephant and peanut costumes gave me the idea that we could do a circus theme as a family. Matt has dressed up like a "strong man" before, and it was hilarious. We could do clown, ringmaster, etc. Honestly, I don't know if I have the bandwidth to pull of a family-themed Halloween this year, but I'm excited about at least working with Henry to get his costume sewn. We'll see how much we get done! 

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MAM said...

haha- a toenail! too funny :)

Speaking of Hoss, how is he doing with the transition of a 2nd baby and a new house? I've been wondering about him.

Sara E. Cotner said...

Hi, MAM! Hoss doesn't get nearly as much mama time, but Dad goes overboard trying to make it up to him--walks, bike rides, belly rubs, etc. Plus, Hoss loves the new yard!

Maureen said...

Lily also wants to be an elephant. I'm thinking of ways I can do this on the cheap with a grey hoodie and sweatpants then making ears and trunk out of felt...

Anonymous said...

cannot wait for the elephant and peanut pictures!

Unknown said...

You might want to check out grey headliner fabric at joann fabrics. Its a fuzzy fabric backed with about 1/4" of foam, literally the stuff that is the headliner in you car. It has a good amount of body to it, would be great for ears, trunk, etc. Good Luck!

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