Monday, September 23, 2013

Second Baby Scrapbook

Despite all the craziness that has been our life lately, I'm still committed to creating a scrapbook of Tate's first year, as well as an ongoing family scrapbook. However, because of the aforementioned craziness, I'm even more committed to simplifying the process (did you even think it was possible, given the fact that the current version is simply photos taped to card stock, stuffed in sheet protectors, and clipped into a binder?). 

Well, yes. This post is about how the process got even simpler: enter Instagram. 

Instead of lugging out our camera, snapping photos, putting the SD card in the computer, importing photos, editing photos, and sending photos to be printed, I simply use my phone to snap photos of Tate, use the Printicular app to send them to Walgreens, and pick up the printed photographs. 

Now that I think about it, I'll probably get them mailed to our house next time. 

In some ways I wish I could slow down--that I wouldn't turn to short-cuts and conveniences. But this is where I am right now. I want to work full-time and be home with my infant son and pick up my toddler at 3pm every day and keep this blog going and partner with Matt to make sure we get a healthy meal on the table as much as possible and keep our physical environment clean/organized/tranquil and have time to do fun stuff and hang out with friends and have time to just crash on the bed and watch Orange Is the New Black with Matt. And(!) I want to resume exercising (my renewed habits died hard as soon as we moved) and(!) start gardening. 

So I am very thankful for Instagram at the moment. Plus, it's just fun to get visual glimpses into everyone's lives while I'm breastfeeding! If you're interested, you can find me as "saracotner."

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Lekki said...

Have you checked out the Groovebook app? I am a busy Mum (although of just one ;) ) and I love it. Every month they deliver 100 of my phone photos to my house for just $2.99! I use them for the baby book, for art projects (when I have time) to throw in frames or send to relatives. I tend to use about 20 a month, and I keep the rest in a shoebox - you can literally see my son growing up through them :)

Sara E. Cotner said...

I'll have to check it out; it sounds amazing! Thanks for sharing, Lekki!

Deb said...

I take a lot of pictures on my phone but not enough for sure. I have a passion for photography and love my good "old" camera but I feel quite overwhelmed at the thought of organizing/printing/selecting pictures for our baby books. My daughter is two and she only has a 0-3 months book and our new baby (6 months) has...none yet. Love the idea of having them done for you so conveniently. I wonder if it would work with regular photos...

colibri said...

That is the cutest photo of Henry and Tate! Could be a book cover for a Montessori book.

Sumee Parker said...

Was looking for Montessori stuff and stumbled upon your blog. Love it!

I hope to follow the same with my soon due child.

I have to say that is the cutest picture .. made me squee out loud :)

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