Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Two Months: Happy Birthday, Tate!

Dear Tate,
We're so lucky to have had another amazing month with you. You are pure joy!
The transition between one and two months was so clear. Around six weeks, it's as if you woke up and suddenly became an active, vibrant, joyful little being. You love interacting with people. I have fun imitating your noises, and I love when you show off that wide smile of yours. My heart melts when you giggle. It's the sweetest thing.
You and I spend our days in a calm rhythm: eat, play, sleep. I'm able to get a ton of work done for my school--thank you very much! During your awake time, you spend some time watching your mobiles, but you prefer to interact with me or smile at the mirror. You absolutely hate, hate, hate riding in the car. Your little mad cry breaks my heart! We pick up Henry from school every day, and you cry the whole way there and back.
You're doing a great job at night. You go to sleep around 8pm, and I wake you up for a 10pm feeding before I go to bed. Then you wake up around 3am for a feeding. You'll usually wake up again a couple hours later, so I pull you into bed with me to snuggle back to sleep until 7am.
You fit so easily right into our lives. You love watching Henry, and we all love kissing your cheeks. Seriously, they go on for days and days and are just the sweetest, softest things.
Thank you for being you!

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Sara said...

Such a sweet letter to your adorable little boy!

Anonymous said...

my 9 month old still hates riding in the car too :(

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