Tuesday, October 1, 2013

National Night Out

In an attempt to "put down roots" this year, Matt and I have attended monthly church potlucks, invited new friends over for dinner, and gone out of our way to meet neighbors. However, I'm eager to do more. 

Enter National Night Out. In Texas, we have National Night Out on October 1st because the thought is that it's too hot to have block parties in the summer. Our neighborhood is having an event at the local park later in the evening, so Matt and I are planning to host a potluck earlier in the evening. We invited all the neighbors on our cul-de-sac, as well as a couple neighbors we've met while walking in the neighborhood. We also went to a couple houses of people that we had only heard about from other neighbors. 

I made a simple handwritten invitation and used our copier to replicate it. Henry and I also made cookies and delivered them along with the invitations. 

I'm eager to get to know as many neighbors as possible. A couple years ago, we hosted a National Night Out at our house in Houston, and I ended up meeting a woman who later became an amazing friend (we got pregnant at the same time, carpooled to prenatal yoga together, and later collaborated with Kylie on Kids in the Kitchen). 

On one of our walks the other evening, we met a woman who has lived in her house since 1970. It's amazing to come across such deep roots just down the block! It's surreal to think about our family potentially being in this spot for Henry and Tate's entire childhoods. It makes the process of reaching out and connecting with those around us feel even more necessary and promising. 

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k said...

I love National Night Out! We've been hosting an ice cream social the last three years. I co-host with my next door neighbor, who has lived here since she was born and she's 63!

V. Wetlaufer said...

I love this post! It gives me some great ideas for how I, too, can put down roots, which is one of my goals for this year (though I tend to measure years by the academic calendar). I'm so shy and introverted, but when I move into my new house at the end of this month, I really want to build good relationships with my neighbors. In apartment buildings, I never really knew my neighbors, but something about being a homeowner feels different for me. Anyway, love the suggestions to host a party.

Angela Coussirat said...

Sara, I was thinking just the other day about how much that National Night Out changed my life. I know it sounds dramatic, but it's true. First came our friendship, then the friendships we both made in that yoga class, the play group you helped to establish which is still going. Most of my friends now have sprung from the friendship between you and I those couple of years ago and I have you to thank!

We miss you here in Houston but know that you've accomplished so much by pursuing your passion. Come for a visit soon so you can bring Tate to the second round play group that's sprouted. xoxo

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