Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Three Months: Happiest Birthday, Tate!

Oh, Tate. We are all so in love with you.
Henry continues to adore you. He wants to hold you, kiss you, and rub your head. The three of us spend quality time together every day after we pick up Henry from school. You love watching what Henry is doing.
You have been all about talking to us this month! You smile and make all sorts of gurgling, cooing, and baby screaming noises. You would much rather talk to one of us than watch your mobiles.
I've been lazy about letting you nap in the Moby wrap every day. You are such the perfect little napper when you're nestled up against my chest. I take you to all sorts of meetings with me and you sleep through nearly everything.
But you still hate the car with a passion! You get yourself all worked up (beads of sweat and everything!) when we have to go pick up Henry every day.
You are just the sweetest little thing. Thank you for making our lives more fun, hilarious, sweet, and full.

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