Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Matt's parents gave us $100 as part of our Christmas gifts this year, and they requested that we select a charity of our choice to donate it to. I decided to invest $50 of it in a Kiva loan. Henry and I browsed the website and decided to give our money to Ashkhen so she could help build her farming business. 

The amazing thing about donating through a micro-loan program is that if our money is repaid, then we can reinvest it in someone else!

Henry definitely understands the concept of money now. He loves his jar system, and it's been really sweet to watch him make his choices. When he finds random money, he gets to decide which jar to put it in. He usually puts it in his charity jar. Sometimes he decides to put his money in Tate's jars! 

He decided that he wanted to give away the money in his charity jar to the homeless people we pass on the street. He divided up the money into ten separate baggies, and he hands them out in lieu of water. We definitely want to begin brainstorming ways to do more volunteer work in the community, especially when Tate gets a little older. For now, this feels like a good start.

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Megan Miller said...

Thank you for this post! My hubby and I are enjoying a snow day up North, and talking about what a great idea it would be to start giving our young nephews a gift to keep on giving for their birthday. This totally fits the bill! Awesome! I am very excited right now!!

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