Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Eight Months: Happy Birthday, Tate!

Oh, Tater, what another great month with you! You continue to be so sweet. You chuckle at all of Henry's poop jokes. You are so alert and always watching what all of us are doing. 

This month you learned how to crawl on all fours. You get anywhere and everywhere--fast! 

And you continue to love eating. You are very opinionated about not wanting rice cereal and instead wanting whatever we're eating. You're convincing, too. This month you've tried and enjoyed miso soup, Lebanese soup, and rice and beans. 

And you're getting teeth left and right! I took you to the doctor because I thought an ear infection was making you cranky. She informed me that you were getting two teeth! After your bottom teeth came in, you got your outer top teeth. It's hilarously cute and it makes you do funny things with your mouth. 

You're just so sweet. There's really no other way to say it. You smile all the time. Your rolls grow rounder and rounder with each day. You love being in the middle of whatever is going on. You are a joy to be around. 

So lucky to be your mama!

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Anonymous said...

This post almost bring me to tears! I used to write paper letters like this to my daughter and your post remind me that I didn't do it for her 8th and 9th month. Congratulations for Tate for his 8th month, teeths, soups, and having amazing mom!Lots of love!

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