Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Graduation Gift

While skimming Facebook the other day, I came across two ideas that made me tear up with [anticipated] nostalgia. The first story was about a mom who had secretly collected everything that was left in her son's pockets from the time he was little. She amassed them all in a glass lamp and presented him with this amazing gift on his wedding day. He said she had basically encapsulated his childhood inside that lamp. 

Then I read about a dad who had asked every single one of his child's teachers to sign a copy of Oh, the Places You'll Go, and he presented it to his child on graduation day. 

It made me wish I would've sewn pockets into Henry's pants! I do think I'm going to implement the book idea. I just need to connect with the three teachers he's had already. 

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Meghan said...

When Andrew graduated from high school, his mom gave him a scrap book she had made from a local bookmaker. The scrap book has memorable assignments/projects, notes from teachers, some photos, letters and notes. It is so much fun to see glimpses of his childhood and feels like she had really captured his first 18 years.

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