Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Happiest Nine Months, Tate!

Oh, Happiest Birthday, Little One! 

You continue to be the sweetest. Seriously, you bring smiles and laughter into our lives on a daily basis. 

You are now a little moving machine. You get anywhere and everywhere very fast. You are obsessed with splashing in Hoss's water bowl and climbing into the dishwasher. You love, love, love being outside--especially going on walks in the stroller. You are still Henry's biggest fan, and have also developed a strong interest in touching the chickens. 

And you eat real food! We are officially done with baby food. You eat cheese cubes, broccoli, blueberries, cauliflower, sweet potato lasagna--the list goes on! You are the sweetest little thing, but you get downright cranky if we don't feed you fast enough. 

What else can I say about you? You love your pacifiers. You can sit for five minutes and contentedly switch out three different pacifiers to find which one you like the most. But mostly you love people. We're running a start-up out of our home, and you couldn't be more content with the influx of people you get to see every day. You always have the biggest dracula smile and the happiest kick-legs. And those thighs! They are getting rounder by the minute. I can't decide whether I'm more obsessed with your cheeks or your thighs. 

Thank you for making our lives complete, Sweet One. We are lucky to know you.  

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