Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Summer Fun!

Summer has essentially hit Austin, and I'm excited! I love each of the seasons for different reasons. 

What do we want to do this season? 
  1. Build a mud pit 
  2. Get a plastic child's pool for the deck
  3. Get the backyard landscaped
  4. Build a pool! (I need to write a whole separate post about this to explain why we are making such an environmentally and fiscally irresponsible decision). 
  5. Swim in creeks
  6. Make popsicles
  7. Harvest vegetables
  8. Travel to Michigan with family
  9. Invite friends over for backyard movie nights
  10. Host a movie "walk-in" (instead of a drive-in) for our neighbors
  11. Go for lots of evening walks in the neighborhood
  12. Go for lots of family bike rides (now that Tate is almost a year we'll be able to start using the bike trailer we got as a gift during his baby shower!)
  13. Wear dresses
Please share what you want to do this season! I would love to add to my list! 

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1 comment:

MAM said...

catch fireflies!

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