Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Stitch Fix Experiment

One of my board members was wearing a lovely shirt, and when I asked her where it was from, she introduced me to Stitch Fix. The idea is pretty simple. First you create an account and answer some questions about your style preferences (with a fun little quiz that include pictures of outfits). You pay $20 to have a box of clothes shipped to you based on your general preferences. You only purchase what you like and send the rest back via free postage. If you purchase at least one thing, the $20 fee is waived. 

One of the things I inherited from my mother is an intense dislike of shopping. I really get little to no pleasure out of trekking to stores, trying things on, and always feeling like I'm settling for things I don't really like just because I'm eager to get back home. 

But at the same time, I need professional clothing. I don't need a lot; I'd be content to have five professional work outfits for summer, five for spring/fall, and five for winter). In my year of "making a clearing," I'm excited to try out one more strategy that helps free up some time. 

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Kelsey said...

I've been wondering about Stitch Fix myself for awhile and will be excited to hear what you think! I was just complaining to Chris this morning that I hate all my work clothes :) things don't fit the same post-pregnancy and I'd like to look a bit more polished. At the same time I don't want to spend money so I get stuck just not liking my clothes. But I think good quality clothes are worth paying more for, it is an investment in your career and in a way your confidence.

Jenn said...

I just got me second Stitch Fix in the mail today. I am completely obsessed. I hate shopping and get really overwhelmed but I'm also nervous about online shopping since I can't feel the quality of the clothes. I've loved everything I've received and my stylist really seems to get me and my size. However, I have seen some people who haven't had such great luck. Totally worth trying if you also hate shopping!

Maureen said...

Trying it, hope you get the referral!

Cara said...

I received my first shipment from Stich Fix a few weeks ago and although most of the clothing was cute, I only ended up keeping a shirt. I'm willing to give anything a second chance and here's hoping my second fix will be better. I'm also with you on the distaste for shopping. I usually end up with more items I'm only "okay" with than super pleased. I hope it works out for you!

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